Gen Zia-ul-haq (The Forgotten Hero) PART-B

Posted on March 28, 2016 Articles

As in my previous article we reached to a conclusion that ZA Bhutto was the one who started giving Mujahedeen training back in 1975 when Gen Zia- ul-haq was not even at the scene. I left two questions there to further debate

1) was creating mujahedeen a good or bad decision?
2) What is a difference between a mujahedeen and Taliban

1) from 1947 to 1975? For almost 28 years Pakistan kept tolerating provocations from Afghan side .Pakistan always maintained a position that Afghanistan is our brother Muslim country so we shouldn’t act offensively in reply until in 1971 when Pakistan got dismembered into two based on proxy war supported and funded by india in the form of mukhti bahini . That was the moment which finally rang alarm bells among the civil and military establishment of West Pakistan that they need to strictly curb the insurgencies in remaining provinces. At that time there were active insurgencies in Sindh , Baluchistan , NWFP ( Today’s Kpk) . It is also to be noted here that military operation happened in Baluchistan under the orders of ZA Bhutto Similarly it was ZA Bhutto who banned NAP (ANP) after their leaders were found involved in openly calling for pakhtoonistan student sitting in the Kabul . One of the famous incident that happened that time was the murder of hayat khan sherpao who was a Chief Minister of Kpk. It was said that ANP was involved in killing him using Afghan intelligence agency!!. At that time Za Bhutto decided to put the remaining leadership of ANP in jail and then “ Hyderabad sazish case” was started on them

“ Je ye vohe ANP he jo aj besharam ban ker Gen Zia ul haq per tanked krte he jb ke vo General Zia – ul –haq he tha jis ne ANP ka gaddaron ko aam mafi de or use ke tenure me Ajmal khattak or Baluchistan ke separatist Afghanistan ce wapis zaleel ho ker aye ,“

I personally don’t like this decision made by Gen Zia ul haq ,Apparently it seems as if he did a NRO with a traitors of that time but if we carefully analyze this ,It was a wise decision ,he took it based on the socio political condition of that time . Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1978 and Gen Zia ul haq became the 1978 Just one year gap!! .
So back to the main point was creating Mujahedeen a right thing that time? Yes 101% Yes .We were tolerating the Afghanis for 28 years that time, but they were not willing to listen, Infact the situation was that their Pm sardar Muhammad dawood openly said that the pact Union of india did with Britishiers upon Durand line was just for 100 years!! So basically the whole territory up to Attock belong to Afghanistan .Here I really want to appreciate ZA Bhutto for taking a very brave decision ,indeed it was a iconic decision of him in the best interest of Pakistan .No country tolerates the insurgencies in it and the best answer of a proxy war is a proxy war !! He gave a green signal for a tit for tat response and then to curb the Ethnic/Linguistic based insurgency Pakistan came up with a religious card!! Always remember one thing!! The answer of a proxy is a proxy war .Pakistan today is almost in the similar situation, you have seen how diplomatically we failed to expose india/ Afghan insurgency in our country!! The time will come when we again reorganize our friendly groups in Afghanistan, because we have no other option

2) what is the difference between Taliban and Mujahedeen

Now to finally expose the biggest lie that General Zia ul haq created Taliban. As we established the fact that Mujaheeden were created in ZA Bhutto time in 1975 .Soviet union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Gen Zia ul haq merely continued the ZA Bhutto policy. During his tenure he further strengthens the Peshawar 7 group. Peshawar 7 was the main entity in Afghan jihad that was compromised of 7 major political parties of Afghanistan that time included Hikatyar , Ahmed shah masood , Mojaddedi and CO . Note down this thing!! GEN ZIA UL HAQ EMBRACED SHAHDHAT IN 1988 IN A PLANE CRASH AND TALIBAN EMERGED IN 1996!! . Taliban government was accepted by Benazir regime.

Now to answer why Benazir govt created /accepted Taliban regime in 1996 and What happened during Gen Zia tenure from 1978 to 1988 in the context of Afghan jihad IA I will answer this question in my next article which will be its Part C

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