What is the problem with Pakistan cricket ?

Posted on March 22, 2016 Articles

As i am writing this article its 19th of March 2016 and i am anticipating another Indian win in t 20 wc against Pakistan. I am keenly observing the Pakistani media and i have to say that they are champions in creating fake hype and playing with the emotions of the people despite knowing the truth !. Every channel is conducting transmissions on that one match ,trying to sell their “manjan” but i don’t know where PEMRA is sleeping or is it happy seeing the public turning Psychopath?

Did anyone of you ever imagine that one day we will be distributing sweets on our win against Bangladesh ? Can our cricket goes more low from here on ?

Harsh but true
Back in the 90,s when we use to have a team compromised of super stars from openers to last bowler ,Even then we couldn’t able to defeat India in a wc match . The only moment we went closer to beating india was 92 wc and then later on 2011 wc. Those were our best chances but we couldn’t able to capitalize the moments !! But at least back in the 90,s we were superior team to india . We had most wins record both in Odis and Test against them whether in Pakistan ,India or even neutral venues .This gap is slowly narrowing up and india is catching up faster !!

Lets actually dissect the problems Pakistan cricket team is facing

Choosing the wrong heroes
“Jis mulk me Afridi ap ka batting hero ho ,vo kya khak acha batsman produce kre ga ”

This is the biggest irony with Pakistan . The last quality batsman we produced was Muhammad yousaf back in 1998 .After his exist we failed to produce any single international level batsman . I have a great respect for both Misbah and Younis but we all know that they are very limited when it comes to the modern trend in the Odi cricket .Misbah and younis both find it difficult to rotate the strike in the time of the need especially Misbah has very much one dimensional cricket .Either he hits or block.He has no middle game. Our media made the hero out of Afridi like characters and this is precisely the reason why this ” Boom’ ” Boom” culture has destroyed the upcoming youth !!

Inconsistent selection
The next big thing that has hurt Pakistan cricket over the period of a time is changing team like a baby diaper in almost every tour . So many cricketers that came with a buzz and then fizzled away in no time !!. In the current lot Sarfraz ahmed and Muhammad rizwan has showed potential but its only a matter of a time that PCB will destroy their talent too. Where is junaid khan ? No one knows . He was a our match winner bowler but now replaced by a inconsistent Wahab riaz . In the last 15 years we couldn’t able to find a decent opening pair in batting .Even today we play most of our cricket on dead tracks in UAE and celebrates our win like we are winning world cup there

Inability to handle pressure and pathetic fitness
Most of the batsman Pakistan is producing these days are technically inadequate . They are a front foot players so they always struggle to face seam . Consider this sharjeel khan for instance another “tula khor” who dont know how to rotate the strike.Our batsman cant even rotate the strike when they are in pressure . They either hit the ball out of the ground or gets bogged down on the wicket . They have no middle game .Thats why Pak cricket team is pathetic in odis these days

Grouping and politics
I cant remember any single era in which politics was not the part of Pakistan cricket but least back in 90,s we use to win based on individual brilliance which is no more happening !! The players we are producing these days are below average . We are playing a brand of cricket that was being played back in 90,s . Politics is a part of our system whether its in PCB or in the management . This sethi group has further destroyed Pakistan cricket . There are few officials like intikhab alam and co who have been a part of PCB from previous 30 35 years, with zero output . We keep bringing back the Akmals and malik in the system who should have been thrown away long ago . Players like babar azam ,Sami Aslam have been neglected ,How then we expect to produce players? even our ex cricketers who are doing the analysis job on Tv .They are only interested in getting the job at PCB rather helping the young cricketers at grass route level .Examples like Rashid latif are exception off course

Over hyped bowling
If we carefully analyze our bowling even ,After the exit of saeed ajmal and Muhammad hafeez ban we are facing serious difficulty in our spin department . Yesterday even first it was a poor decision by captain to play with 4 fast bowlers on an absolute dust bowl and then Afridi himself couldn’t able to provide the necessary breakthrough which was needed .If you are not going to take wickets after regular intervals and especially after scoring such a low then you are meant to be doomed !! and that exactly happened yesterday

Poor Domestic structure and redundant club/University cricket
This is another harsh truth that cricket in Pakistan these days is not what it use to be once when i was growing up back in the late 90,s and early 2000,s i guess that is the reason why we are so low now at International level . Terrorism and socio economic issues have affected the sports too .There is no international cricket happening in Pakistan ,That is one of the reason why our batsmen are not developing but this cant be an excuse because even South africa faced ban for many years but when they participated in 1992 Wc .They came with a BANG !

1) Media should show the reality to the people,rather playing with the emotions of the public . This whole ” Kanj*r khana ” of 24 hours Takra transmission needs to be stopped immediately
2) All those players who are playing from quite some time and prove out to be failures in Important matches needs to be thrown out of the system for once forever
3) Pick the players directly from u 19 and then work with them . There is no point in making players of age 27 28 debut in International cricket
4) Slowly improve the domestic structure ,There is no quick solution .This is the bunch of players we have got now so far and we need to deal with them
5) Try to focus on singles and doubles . There should be a drill in which certain batsman are instructed to score 200 or 100 runs only through taking singles
6) All the ex test players should be put with u 19 or regional teams

We have to accept that currently we are facing lack of talent . The players we have right now are average !! Now how PCB turns these average players into a International brand that is an uphill task !! But we should take some courage from New Zealand . Look where they were about 5 years ago ,They use to get white washes in Bangladesh and look where they are standing now !!. They have massively improved their cricket

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