To those who defend Salman taseer

Posted on March 16, 2016

Before formally started writing the whole Article I would like to clear that I am no religious person but a simple university student who hardly has beard on his face and yes do wear jeans shirt!!

Back in 2011 When this whole episode happened. I didn’t give it much importance, I thought that it was absolute uncalled act comitted by Mumtaz qadri and i showed sympathies for salman taseer bit just about week ago when Mumtaz qadri was given death sentence and i saw some of the video footage i just got convinced that I really need to rethink myself. That was the time when I decided to do a little research about it

Point A ) Mumtaz Qadri took law in his hand

if we really watch this closely did Mumtaz qadri really took law in his hand? . Wasn’t that extremely hypocrite of Salman taseer to bash the Blashmphy law when he took the oath on same constitution of Islam republic of Pakistan which has Blasphemy law it’s part? Then the hypocricy didnt stop there He kept bashing the law trying to provoke the majority sentiments. Was this mature behavior of a Governor of Islamic republic of Pakistan who is working in this much important position?

Point B) Aasia was innocent

Even if I buy this argument that Aasia was innocent in that whole Blashemy case. Was she given punishment from some Madrassa? Or some Mullah? No Offcourse!! She was given punishment from the court and there was proper way to plead the case rather doing press conferences from the jail So for all those who are saying that Mumtaz qadri didn’t follow the law. Tell me Was governor following it? Even being much more educated and serving at high position as compared to Qadri?

Point C) Abolish the Blasphemy law because it is being misused

Bhai is there any law in pakistan which is not being misused? So is this the solution that we should abolish it? Like if people don’t follow Traffic rules does this mean that we should abolish all the traffic signals from Pakistan? Offcourse no and especially when this law says that those who put false allegations of blasphemy on someone will suffer the same punishment too then why do you guys feel panicked?

Point D) This is “Kala kanoon” because Dictator General Zia formulated it?

Nothing can be more ridiculous factually incorrect statement than this. This law was not formulated by Gen zia ul haq law was there even before and it was passed around 1986 through assembly now if you say that that assembly had no worth then what about all those legislation happened under Mushraf? Including alloting women reserve seats in National assembly? So please try to understand “Meetha meetha hap hap karva karva thoo ” kind of policy won’t work!!

Point E) Selling Secular Utopia

Bhai Pakistan has absolute Muslim majority. Objective resolution wasn’t formulated by Gen Zia ul haq but Liaqat Ali khan. 1973 constituion wasnt formed by Zia but by bhutto It has constitution that was framed in 1973. All these Islamic postulates are a part of it. What is your problem with it? 1973 law wasn’t framed by some Mullah but democracy formed it. Why do you always provoke the majority sentiments? Isn’t this a devilish thinking trying to create fitnah in a society?

Point F ) Bhai Jis ko Prophet Muhammad Pbuh ki Shan me gustakhe krne he nae use is law ce kya issue he? 🙂

Point G) Was it justified to kill Salman taseer for that?

In my personal point of view I say no Mumtaz qadri should have taken the case to the court but lets just analyze this calmly. Salman taseer was a Governor. He had amnesty from the law. So was that possible that he was charged in that case that time? The answer is obviously no. There are repeated hadith and Quranic ayat even in which Allah praised Prophet Muhammad Pbuh. Our Nimaz even don’t get completed without reciting darood shareef. So please try to understand the level and importance of Prophet Muhammad Pbuh. Look at towards the General attitude of people of Pakistan. If someone abuses your mother or you see your sister in Ilict relationship with someone what would you do? You would definately fight if not kill the culprit and the person whom we are talking about here Is Prophet Muhammad Pbuh who is the reason why Allah created this universe.

One of the hadith gist is like “you can’t be a true Muslim unless you don’t love me more than your parents and beloved ones ”

Towards the end it’s a very humble request. Please accept the law of the land as it as. Even if you have problem with something Go in the court. But don’t try to create chaos in the society. If you are not going to believe in law of the land then what is the difference between you and Ttp? Please Think!!