Blasphemy Law

Posted on March 13, 2016

Being a Muslim,no one can abuse or insult Allah and his Messenger(Nawazubillah). As the Taseer-Qadri issue has gone very controversial, so I don’t have any right to conclude who was right or wrong. Infact, I am explaining the position of Taseer as well as Qadri and the blasphemy law. The decision is yours!!!
At first, what is blasphemy??? Blasphemy is the cursing or insulting God,Prophet or any sacred thing(Nawazubillah) . Blasphemy law was first introduced by British government in 1860’s to protect religious concerns of different classes living in sub-continent as there were serious clashes b/w different religions and there was no specific law on it.
According to “British made” Blasphemy law, there were penalties like fine and imprisonment. With the passage of time and amendments, it began converging to serious penalties and finally in Zia’s era, he amended it with the death penalty.
Coming to the then governor Punjab Salman Taseer’s position.
He personally met with Asia bibi in jail, a Christian from Sheikhupora who was accused of blasphemy. Taseer in a press conference after meeting her said that he will request President Zardari to use his authority to pardon her and termed Pakistan Blasphemy Law as “kaala qanoon”.
Instantly,the religious groups in Pakistan stood against Governor Taseer demanding death penalty regarding blasphemy(he was found criticizing blasphemy law “made by Zia”). As he was the Governor and according to the constitution of Pakistan the Governor and President cannot be charged with any crime during their tenure.
A few days later he was shot dead by his guard Mumtaz Qadri(a constable in punjab police) with his official weapon. Now, there are two questions arising in my mind on Qadri’s step.
1)As he was there to protect Governor Taseer and he was paid for it by government. So, did Qadri make justice with his duty???
2)Can a Muslim have authority to kill others regarding blasphemy?(I have almost zero knowledge on it with the lights of Quran and Hadith).
Now,few days back on 29th feb, Mumtaz Qadri was hanged at Adiala jail who convicted the crime saying Taseer was a blasphemous so he killed him.
Thousands of people came out in grief on Qadri’s hanging and attended his funeral. Religious parties nominated him as their “hero” and “martyr” while demanding an all parties conference on the issue.
Now I am unable to conclude who was right or wrong. The decision is yours!!!