In The World Of Apps

Posted on February 12, 2016 Articles

Do you have a smart phone? Do you have any app in it? Surely you would have got a lot of them. For how many purposes do you use apps in your cell? For finding a restaurant? A nearby coffee shop? Comparing rate lists of motels and hotels when going abroad, or booking a ticket for movie online. And now of course, to call an auto rickshaw as well! Recently, the trend of auto rickshaw apps has also been witnessed and a few of them are now running across our local towns. But I’m not here to discuss how the app works or it benefits us anyway. The point here is that we’re trying to hold the world in our hands.
We have apps around us everywhere for everything. Literally everything! You can even consider of finding your life partner on this app or the other, you’ve got many choices though! What else is left now to have in your hand? Nothing’s left… you can have a world tour in these apps within minutes! Sitting in my blanket with mid night munching, I would see holiday and tour packages on TripAdvisor or Airbnb, would look for cheapest return ticket via ixigo, also would see all the famous places of that particular destination to visit through some other abc app and I’m done with my trip. And of course, I can now go to the airport hiring a cab online. This is how apps have made our lives heavenly easy.
Surely! The time is not far when we’ll start living in a room and communicates to the rest of the world through apps only. Imagine being in the world where you‘ll be able to attend your classes through an app sitting in your room. Your food will be served through an order you made via another food app (it maybe your house maid or delivery service, doesn’t matter!) then you’ll tell your friend on another friend’s app that you have completed your degree from some ‘Graduation App’ and now I’m doing an app job and earning handsome at home. You’ll study, learn, get entertained, watch movies, move around world and have parties on your apps.
And not much time is left when a road side beggar might ask you:
“ALLAH k naam pe aik APP de do baba, bachey bhokey hain!”
Yeah right! Are these apps going to feed us? No! They aren’t! This is where we are going! We are living and promoting a world that does not exist in real. The tech world… a fake world (in my humble opinion  )
The world has become a global village… is now an old concept. Ok I agree. Technological advancement on continuous pace has made life business blissfully easy. But this is not what’s going to full our tummies when we’re hungry. Especially the circumstances which our country is facing right now, we need global trading being an overwhelmingly blessed country with 4 seasons’ cycle and naturally fertile land. We can rule the world in agricultural sector and we need to get flourished in what we are good at. As there are hell loads of problems addressing to basic life needs that can never be resolved by these apps or software. These apps would help us only after maintaining a better educational standard, at least better basic level education in which a child can speak confidently. I’m not referring to those highly charged private schools as more than 70% population of Pakistan cannot afford to go there. I’m talking about very basic local schooling level, where a 4th grade child can’t write a simple sentence in English or even a central idea in Urdu properly.
I’m not in opposition of this tech thing, but I’m perhaps a bit more realistic. We can’t eat apps and drink apps. We can’t have our government hospitals in healthier condition with these apps, where a number of children and mothers die every day due to unhealthy and unhygienic conditions. Neither I’m exaggerating nor over reacting. You may differentiate in your opinion, if only you have time to look up and disturb your keen lost stare in a games app. Living in the world of apps … or more appropriately, technology, maybe we’ll have some app to reduce begging rate in Pakistan as well, maybe sometime!