Virtues of Muawiyah radhiAllaahu anhu.

Posted on February 4, 2016 Articles

I knew it that gumrah and fussaaq and people without ilm (juhalah and ignorant ones) would talk against a sahab-e-rasool on the political approach rather than approving a sahabi as a one who will go to jannah. Who are you? Look at yourself most probably most of you, illa man rahimAllaah, even don’t know what is tawheed of Allaah. What is ruboobiyah, uloohiyah and asma-e-wasifaat. What is shirk and what are types of shirk. Probably your pants way down the ankle like women. And women without proper hijaab. Looking at non-mahram woman has become a norm for most of the people and they think they are such a wise and jannati people who are allowed to talk against a sahabi-e-rasool? Praying salath in masjid is like an evil deed (astaghfirullah) to most of the people who write comments here, illa man rahimAllaah. Lying, using unfair language and cussing on each other or even on hukkaam (following their mistakes) has become norm for most of the people. Meaning from a to zee full of sin. And you really have a nerve to talk against a sahabi-e-rasool? rasool Allaah telling me and you not to do a subb and shutam on a sahabi and you are opening your pathetic mouth on the political wars that happened because of azmaaish with in sahaba? Wal ayaazu billah you call sayyadina muawiyah a munaafiq and you forget that what are you? Most of you don’t pray in masjid ishaa and fajr, you lie, you cheat, you don’t take care of amanaat, when you quirell then you use cursing etc