Role of PIA (Shame on Khawja Asif for remarks on PIA)

Posted on February 4, 2016 Articles

I am speechless on your relentless services for PIAREA community and also the serving employees fighting for the survival of PIA. I, am sure it is a God’s blessing that you have met Mr. P.J. MIR a courageous and fair Anchor who is always standby with MAZLOOMS. May Allah (SWT) give him courage to continue and gather prayers of the voiceless people?
I was shocked to see a disgusting comment of Khawaja Asif our Defence Minister that PIA has got no Strategic Importance. Probably Kh. Asif did not know the PIA’s role in 1971 war.
I, am an eye witness and for the first time in my Life opening my mouth (Due Strategic reasons) to tell you that during 1971 war PIA Boeing 707 were converted into ALL Cargo configuration and 3 Cockpit Crew (Captain, Co- Pilot, Flight Engineer (sometimes a Navigator also) and One Cabin Crew were detailed to operate Flights to URUMQI and some other Chinese destinations to Bring Full LOADS of Live Ammunition. These flights were being operated at night time flying over Karakorams while day and night Indian Bomber Planes were hurling over Pakistanis Skies.
I, Salute Those PIA PILOTS and Cabin Crew and other ground staff participating in these missions who were not Military personnel and have No words to applaud their courage that Knowing that at their back there is a Mountain of Dynamites and Missiles loaded and Happily with the National Spirit operated these Flights.
One of our F-27 Aircraft AP-ALX while performing surveillance Duty on Mekran coast and was hit by an Indian Submarine Missile and crashed and CAPT. MOBASHER AHMED and Copilot were Shaheed.
One of our Fokker F-27 Captain Asghar took Jam e Shahadat while travelling back to his Base ISB on a Train from Karachi after operating a flight a Flight At KHI Base. During 1971 WAR.
Do you think these Sacrifices and Shahadats are not sufficient to satisfy the IGNORANT Defence Minister?
If he is not aware of Pakistan’s History of Defenders he has no right to be a DEFENCE MINISTER. Shame for him.
I, was at that time married a few months back and I, was picked up for such a mission flight while my wife was home, one of my Colleague (Late Mr. ZAFFAR AHMAD KHAN) Flight Steward came to my home and when my wife opened the door with tearful eyes and told him that I, have been picked up for such a flight Late Zaffar, asked my wife to wipe her tears as he will send me back home , immediately rushed to airport to volunteer himself in my place, but the flight had already took off.
This was the spirit of PIA Cockpit & Cabin Crew in war time for which they were not Trained or paid for. Mr. Khawaja Asif has denied the History and PIA crews Sacrifices. He should apologise for his disgusting remarks.

I would also add here and SALUTE the generosity of our Chinese Friends who had dumped Piles of All sorts of Ammunition on AIRPORTS closed to Pakistan to be loaded and carried by us. One More thing that there was no Paper Work receipt or any documentation for that Ammunition it was open offer to take how much you can Load into you Aircraft.
One of our Boeing 707 AP-AVZ was damaged beyond repair at Urumqi Airport during these Missions and all the crew sustained serious injuries.
I am not sure if any of these PIA staff were ever awarded or applauded for their daring services due rapid changes in governments immediately after East Pakistan Debacle 1971.
There is no doubt about the STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE of PIA and that 1971 spirit among our PILOTS and Cabin Crew and other Staff still prevails.
May Allah SWT save PAKISTAN and its Prestige PIA AMEEN. I am writing this email with Rain of tears from my eyes and after gingering up my memory lanes after 43 years.