Punjab University and the Parking Mafia that earn more than 7 Billion Rupees in an academic year

Posted on January 25, 2016 Articles

A new way to earn money in University

Punjab University and the Parking Mafia that earn more than 7 Billion Rupees in an academic year

University of the Punjab is the oldest and largest university in Pakistan having more than 63 Academic departments and 40,000 plus enrolled students (According to Wikipedia). The history shows that it has produces many scientist, researchers and engineers which served worldwide and proved their skills.

The current management is also very serious about study in University and want students to get rid of their political activities so the management has banned Islami Jamiat and many other political parties alike which was quite a disturbance for students in study (Which so far university thinks).

The Vice Chancellor Vision is very clear about university to make this institution the best university in Asia and done a lot to make it a role model in South Asia so he supported students to acknowledge high level studies and increasing the PhD’s staff in university. The figures also shows that the numbers of PhD students increased in last decades which is a very good sign for our education sector.

I’m also a student of Punjab University, currently studying in PUCIT 7th semester. Being an IT student it’s my interest to keep the fact and figures about the University and want to know the problems which students are facing regularly.

One of the important problems that I have discussed with other students and also did some research about parking mafia that university strategies are changed to compromise with students and turn into the strategies that “How to make more profits from students and their parents” the university management gives contracts to parking contractors on every department, libraries, canteens, STC (Student Teacher Centre), SSC (Student Service Centre) and where students Sits. I’m sure if this situation remains the same, then there could be a chance that we would also have to pay parking fee to Punjab University for prayers in mosque.

The Parking Mafia in everywhere in Quaid-i-Azam New Campus. Like if you’re coming to University and want to go in your department you have to pay RS 10/- per bike (Just for once time standing bike) and Rs 20/ per Car to these contractors. If you go to University bank for deposit fees or anything you have to repay the same dues to parking contractors. And again if you are going to your department the contractors will charge you again and say “it is the rule of University. We have ordered by this if you have any problem talk to University management” which will never listen at all as student sure about this.

Alike this situation some of the bus conductors also charge from students Rs 20/- to travel if they forget to bring their bus cards. And on complaining we have to listen the same above words.

If you want to go to library then you must pay parking fee for that because parking guy will never let you stand your bike or car even if you want to return the book to library which take maximum five minutes. And if you say anything he claims we pay University to 6 or 7 lac per year for this contract go and talk to them. One more important thing if you want to eat anything or want photocopy from STC (Student Teacher Centre) or SSC (Student Service Centre) you must include the parking money into that amount otherwise you have to stand your bike far from parking area.

These are the facts that students are facing now a days and university management enjoying the money that is received from students. I had a conversation with some parking guys and found many interesting information. The IBIT (Insinuate of Business information Technology) parking guys claims me that he is giving 5000 to 6000 daily to his contractor excluding his daily salary. He says the contractors ordered me that” I need my 5000 on daily basis and the extra you will earn you have to divide them between other workers “ He says what can I do, If I don’t speak harshly with people and students the payment will be cut from my salary. Same in IBA (Institute of Business Administration) the parking guy claims to give his contractors to 4000 to 5000 on daily basis.

So when I calculate the figure of Departments of Punjab university which are 63 (from Wikipedia) and if every department earns minimum 5000 per day including parking guy salary the university will get the revenue of Rs. 315,000/ per day. Yes it is Three Lac and Fifteen Thousand rupees per day. And if we count in total per year as 5 days a week and also exclude 3 months of summer holidays it will be approx. 32 weeks in year we studies in two semesters and according to that calculation University Parking mafia will generate Rs.7,056,000/ Per Year. The university will earn more than 7 billion rupees from just parking of students. This is what we can call a side income of university.

One interesting thing I got to know that the parking contractors have no legal ways to award the contracts in University. You just need relation in University management and second thing if you don’t have relation you need money for ****** you will get soon one department for parking. The Law College parking guys claims that the contractors of parking in university have blood relations with Vice Chancellor So that he is earning more money and give very little amount to us and university also.

I request the University management and also the Vice Chancellor that at least you have to stop taking parking fees from university libraries, Health Centre, University Banks, STC and SSC where students regularly use to go. Also you should implement the cards system for parking in whole university (If you want to earn money from parking). The normal Students give you 80 to 100 rupees daily just for parking that is having more worth then semester fees. Kindly stop this and add this in University semester fees as we already paying the transport fees although we have our own transports.

I hope this article will help you to understand the facts that we students are facing the worst situation. I request all students, Readers and the Teachers to Please fill the given form to shown their strength and solidarity against our campaign
and get rid of these parking mafia. Please share this article and post on your wall so we spread this message as global.

Note: This article against any political and Violation activity that is proscribed by university rules and It is just cause by peaceful and Informative for student and teachers.