Malala Daughter Of Nation

Posted on January 25, 2016 Articles

Mala was born in Mingora Swat 1997,her father Ziauddin Yousafzai was running school in Swat and affiliated with ANP, her father is very brilliant man who always stood for the rights of people, he always struggled for the education rights of women’s especially in a place where some orthodox right wing consider women’s study bad omen and they are depriving women’s for basic right of education and vote, they consider women’s are not meant for these rights .Mala inspired from her father she always learned from him how to stand for the rights. It was a year 2007 when Taliban almost gained control of whole swat valley and Government was trying to negotiate with them, people of swat daily listened the speeches of mullah Fazlullah who himself declared Khalifa and was teaching the people what is Islam. People of Swat were in the state of panic and fear, mullah Fazlullah warned them if someone will courage to stand in his way he has no right for living death is compulsory for him. Anyone who dared to spoke for his right Taliban made him example for others and hanged him in main chowk, back in those days no one allowed to watch television only allowed to listened mullah Fazlullah khataab on radio. Those days Malala father was fighting for the rights of people in swat and Taliban declared him “Wajib ul qatal”. Malala girl of age 11 stood up and started to write against the cruelty of Taliban on BBC ,sooner Taliban realized their greatest enemy is education they declared no girl is allowed to go school and they started to burn the schools in the valley of swat but Malala didn’t stop she continue her struggle for the education then Pakistan Government decided of operation against Taliban people of swat migrated and after operation they came back then Mala stood and started to build school s in swat valley which was provoking Taliban then they choose their option to kill her a child of age 12, coming to the point Malala is a daughter of nation but she is not very much admired in Pakistan ,people of Pakistan consider her agent of west, some people consider her enemy of Islam but why west admired and recognized her talent and we are still in the state of panic. This is our common habit our only contribution is leg pulling and nothing else, we have declared Quaid-e-Azam agent of west, we declared Fatima Jinnah enemy of Pakistan she died proving herself loyal to this country, Dr. Abdus Salam also died proving himself loyal to his country he belonged to Ahmadis community, people labeled him Kafir he lived his last days outside the country perhaps it would be better if we say exile, Dr. Abdul Qadeer who made this country nuclear power putted behind the bars and this was a gift for his achievements ,Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy who won Oscar award for her achievements also labeled agent of west tell me what is wrong exposing the people who are throwing acids on women’s ,i couldn’t understand what is wrong story is not finished yet our nation took 60 years to decide Saadat Hassan Manto is hero, is this our attitude towards our heroes? But question is why we are failing in recognizing our heroes and we are in a state of denial why??? Reasons are obvious; we think west is always conspiring against us and west using Malala against Pakistan and Islam? Malala always put forward her religion then herself no one had courage to speak about Islam in united nation since its establishment but it was Malala who stood up and told people what is a Islam and this was prophet Muhammad who introduced the human rights clause first ever in the history of world, imagine a girl always in “shalwaar kameez” and “Dupata” on her head never changed her getup and never forgot her culture and religion values, is this anti Islam?? and why wouldn’t west admire her she has done splendid work she stood against the Taliban when even Pakistan Government and army doesn’t had courage to take action against them. Education is a matter of death and life and if we don’t admire our heroes then west will sure admire them because they know the quality of education and quality of human’s rights it is our failure and fault if couldn’t able to admire her qualities, this is not west conspiring against us actually we are conspiring against our self our total social system broken we are lazy nation corruption is increasing day by day injustice is growing and even we can’t work more than 4 hour this is our whole attitude then the question is who is conspiring against us?? Definitely credit goes to us. Second thing we consider her agent of west because our nation is divided in war against terror some of us still considering Taliban our heroes despite we have lost more than one lakh human lives. Girl who says education is our basic right is wrong while killers are rights because they are carrying their self-define religion who gave them to decide who is Muslim and who is not this is up to our creator not on them and who gave them authority to implement their self-define Islam this is a basic ideological difference ,we have parliament and constitution if they want to implement their self-define sharia then they should come forward and take part in election no body stopping them , I think now the time has come we have to decide killer is killer and Taliban is Taliban no concept of bad and good cop should exist .People also against her because she is living abroad why?? Because she went there for her treatment what is bad in studying abroad Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal also studied there what bad in treatment abroad when our prime minister can go there for treatment. Imagine a whole world admiring this girl ,Malala working for the education rights of under development countries she built many schools in areas where education awareness is not so much among the people while here in Pakistan we have no courage to launch her book in many parts of country and whole world launched her book and admire her work for the human rights , Malala since childhood want to prime minister of Pakistan people here think west will launch her in fact people like Malala should come and lead this nation. Malala is a bright star of our nation and now time has come we should decide where shall we stand either on Taliban side or education side how long shall we continue to ignore our stars? I read the quote of hazrat Ali i think this was a wise advice for all of us to live happily.
“See the bad in yourself, and see the good inside others.”

Qadeer Hussain