Future of Pakistan

Posted on January 15, 2016

Future of Pakistan lies in the hands of democracy,wait wait where is future? and where is democracy?For every effective democratic system there is always need of good governance we know our democratic and political system is under evolution and it will take time to evolve like Indian political system taken so much time and still is in evolution process but when we would like to start evolution process,definitively we are already been late and miles to catch up the European democratic and political system increasing.Answer of above question where is future and where is democracy?? definitely all roads link to ‪#‎ParliamentHouse‬
the house where our future is being decided and we need to give it proper time but unfortunate thing is head of this institution ‪#‎PrimeMinister‬ of Pakistan contentiously absent from this house and ‪#‎Gov‬ is bypassing many important issues.It is the parliament who stood against the dharnas and non democratic forces when there was nobody to protect PM.Is prime minister waiting for another dharna??this house will not be able to protect this system every time because reason is obvious the head of this house paying no attention to this house then how can a institution gain power when head is continuously absent?.Many legislation bills are moving from lower house to upper and upper house to lower and country is suffering due to the lack of legislation.I strongly condemn PM absent and my humble request is please safe this system and future of Pakistan and do some proper legislation to protect the people of Pakistan.