A Bully in politics because of fourth empire

Posted on January 15, 2016

Imran Khan Threatened to Kidnap Me,Edhi : Abdul Sattar Edhi, Famous social activist and founder Edhi Foundation revealed in an interview that Imran Khan threatened to kidnap him two years ago.In an interview on Express News Mr Edhi tld that Imran Khan wanted him to go against Benazir Bhuttu When she was alive and leading Pakistan People’s Party and she was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mr Edhi Said that Imran Khan along with Hameed Gul offered him to join their team and join politics. When he denied their offer they threatened him and tried to kidnap him.

Watch the Video in Which Edhi Exposed the Reality of Imran Khan and if he is right then this is very shameful act of PTI Leader Imran Khan and he must give explanation over this issue and clear him.

Imran Khan Threatened to Kidnap Me,Edhi by Regionalpost

After getting black mail Edhi went abroad and told BBC about them. British Government offered him to stay in UK and they were giving him all the facilities and security but according to Mr Edhi he denied their offers because he always wants to serve his country.

While exposing this Mr Edhi that he does not get afraid from Imran Khan because he does not want any security because he is serving humanity without any personal interest that’s why he think that no one will try to kill or kidnapped him.

Edhi Foundation is a non-profit social welfare organization in Pakistan and working in many countries of the world. This is also to be mention that Edhi is the world’s largest Ambulance service in the world and Founder of the Organization Mr Edhi does not belongs to any party and he always worked without the support of any political.

Source : – http://regionalpost.com/imran-khan-threatened-kidnap-meedhi/