Dawn Newspaper and Freedom of Expression

Posted on January 8, 2016 Articles

Dawn and freedom of Expression:
I am a fun reader and enjoy reading different papers and get some basic information about politics and cricket like other millions Pakistanis. I, however, commented on some articles published by Dawn Newspaper in the past one or two weeks. However, they didn’t allow to show my comments. It seems they no longer believe in freedom of expression which they should promote, instead. The two comments are as under:

First, reference an article published by Dawn titled “The Pajero Party” ( http://www.dawn.com/news/1230211), I wrote that:
Given the small size of English paper, it seems that there is either no editorial check, or at worst deliberate oversight, that nobody checked that the hypothesis is based on a clear contradiction where the author concludes that Justice (Rtd.) Iftekhar is bound to fail but then he quotes Imran Khan/PTI—which is a success story—because the support Chaudhary Iftekhar enjoyed when he was heading judiciary like in case of Imran khan—which again Imran khan never had any—is no more available to him.

Then, on another article titled “Afridi admonishes reporter” (http://www.dawn.com/news/1231161/afridi-admonishes-reporter-triggers-protest-outside-gaddafi-stadium), I wrote:

It seems that there is an ugly alliance between media and PCB due to the influence of Najam Sethi. First, they start a propaganda against a player whom they don’t, or otherwise (first,Younas khan and now Afridi). In case of YK, Shoaib Akhtar, Ramiz Raja, Waseem Akram and others whenever they met PCB, issued a statement in press against YK and then Dawn arranged an opinion poll to pressurize YK to quit, which he did in UAE later. In this case too, first there is brawl between a reporter and Afridi and then there will be an opinion poll in Dawn newspaper after bad performance in NZ( given the strength of NZ side) and then everybody will pressurize Afridi to quit before the T20 world cup in India. It will all look so natural and Afridi will fall in this ugly trap so that everybody could do this dirty match-fixing and earn millions with the help of Justice Qayuom tainted team sitting in pavilion/TV rooms/PCB etc.