Complacency or Conspiracy

Posted on January 8, 2016 Articles

Complacency or Conspiracy?

Modi’s recent unofficial visit to Nawaz Shareef’s mansion has created numerous questions, to some extent doubts, in the minds, especially on this side of the border.

Can it be supposed to be a surprise visit at all? If so, was it a good gesture on the part of Modi? If yes, was this visit a friendly one to Nawaz Shareef or to Pakistan?

Ponder for a moment! Is Nawaz Shareef considered by Modi being more of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and less of his friend?
In the context of global state of affairs, can we safely conclude that the visit was just for embrassing the counterpart?

Does this visit bears any importance in foreign offices of Pakistan and India? or it was just a paraata visit.

Does there seems to be any diplomatic purpose of this visit or was it just a visit?

These are the questions that need to be answered by Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef.

Dr Ali Ahmad
Email : [email protected]
6 January, 2016