Sindhi Media in Pakistan.

Posted on December 30, 2015

Sindh is considered the second largest province of Pakistan. The 43% people of Sindh are living in urban areas, there is highest literacy rate. There are many languages are spoken in Sindh but Sindhi is the official language of Sindh. Sindhi language is being spoken for communication for long time in Sindh province. According to OnlineIndusNews Sindhi printing has been started in 1848, and the first book was published in 1958. Since 1848 Sindhi printing still is being printed.
As you know the print media plays the major roll in giving awareness and provides the all kind of news not only locally but also internationally. Due to mostly people start their day with reading newspaper. Newspaper cover the important part of printing media, Sindhi newspaper specifically was created as the result of Sindhi nationalism.
There is a very large list of Sindhi newspapers is seen, which reflects the interest of the readers. The most popular newspapers including “daily Ibrat, daily Kawish, daily Sobh, daily Awami Awaz” and many more are there. Some Sindhi newspapers publish weekly magazines for the sake of providing news about sport, fashion, education, political issues etc. These magazines are enough famous among readers.
After printing media electronic media is also plays the important role to provide breaking and latest news among the viewers, if something happens around the country or world news is telecasted in no time on television. Unfortunately Sindhi electronic media hasn’t a long history. It was began in 1970 when just 25 minutes where giving to respective provinces for regional languages programs by Pakistan Television. These provincial languages had to take 25 minutes for many years. After that a new channel was lunched by name PTV National where regional languages was given few hours, then private channels were lunched and changed the whole environment of electronic media. KTN is the first Sindhi language channel after it other channels were lunched such Sindh TV, Mehran TV, Dharti TV Awaz TV Kashish for music listeners.
KTN was begun in September 2002 by the owner of Daily Kawish. It became very famous in no time in whole Sindh, and after it Sindh TV was started in October 2004. And back to back other channels were lunched.
Internet is also playing important role in the field of communication there many Sindhi websites are there which are providing different services to their users. If we talk about news sites so there are some famous Sindhi news sites are there such OnlinIndusNews, it is first Sindhi News website which has been designed for just news. Some other News channels have their news websites. These are the fact about Sindhi Media how Sindhi media traveled for getting such as achievements.