Kanza Khurram 15 Years Old School Student Defend Pakistan!

Posted on December 30, 2015

“You should get out of this country as soon as possible. It won’t benefit you anyway. Do something and come settle here In America.”

This is how they praise their country and prove our country corrupted. And we Pakistanis prove them right and get our families settled In UK, USA etc.

I’m amazed! Totally amazed at the people of my own country, who are born here, study here, are brought up here, got their job right here and when they’re rich enough to settle themselves In UK or USA, they leave their Pak land so easily, saying it a corrupted country and forgetting every single blessing it gave to them.

They can see the corruption, the blasts, the daily killings, the load shedding, and the poverty. But they’re blind. They’re super blind. Their eyes are opened to the darkness of negativity but closed to the brightness of positivity.

I wonder, they can see a number of kids, begging, shining their car mirrors every day, but their eyes are closed to the smile that comes to their faces when they’re given some money, some clothes Or something to eat. They can see the evil hearts, closing their windows for the needy ones but they’re unable to see the kind hearts to give them shelter.

How wonderful is it, when they criticize their own country for being the one with a great number of terrorists but never appreciate it having people running out foundations like Edhi, and Chhipa, Where Edhi is famous, standing on the international level with the number of ambulances around the world.

They’ll all relate you with the terrorism of Osama Bin Ladin but they’ll never relate you with the heroic martyrdom of above 200 kids In Army Public School Attack, Peshawar.
They’ll tell you about the dark week they had because of K-Electric’s laziness but they won’t tell you the other nights, that had bulbs all lightened up and it was never so late for them to go out.
They surprise me with the examples of dirty and polluted places of our country, I’m sure they’re not aware the beauty of Naraan Kaghan areas.

They’ll catch the dramatic stunts of Waqar Zaka but they won’t appreciate his act of going Burma by road and helping the Muslims there, doing this all for the sake of humanity!
They’ll open our eyes to see the corruption of our politicians but they’d never let us see the work our young kids did, Arfa Karim tops their list.

They’ll always tell you about the Snatchers with guns coming to you and snatching your wallet and mobile but they won’t tell you when their car ended its petrol and a stranger helped them to the station.

They’ll tell you about the areas where the studies for girls are banned but they won’t tell you that the same country has a great number of doctors, with 89% of the lady doctors.

They’ll give you a numbered reason to go against this country. But! I’m a Proud Pakistani. My Pakistan is better than that America whose people is hypocrites and can’t tolerate Muslims In their country. At least my country respects the people belonging to different religion, customs, Castes, languages etc.

My Pakistan is better than America where you’ve no freedom to go out at midnight and if you do, you’ll see dark roads, not lightened up streets.
My Pakistan is better having colorful marriages, with a total of 300-500 guests than having marriages with just three to four families joining your event.
My Pakistan is surely the best of the rest, not speaking just French, just Spanish Or just English but a mixture of all, you call “Urdu”.

You think we’re terrorists? No! Were not the terrorists, just the terrorists are among us. :’)

You think you’ll guide us to your path and show us reasons to get away from our land. You never know how powerful we’re, to show you more reasons to stay here, forever!

I’m a Proud Pakistani! Why shouldn’t I say?