RECITE HOLY-QURA’N as it was revealed !

Posted on December 21, 2015 Articles

Don’t you want to recite HolyQuran as it was revealed? If a person whose Tajweed is perfect , imagines while reciting HolyQuran that the same was the recitation of Our HolyProphetSAW ,He will really enjoy the taste of recitation.

It will make him more delightful that the same was revealed by Almighty Allah SWT via Jibrail AS .This enjoyment of recitation will surely electrify his senses that How Holy Quran is preserved for about 1400 years , even the recitation doesn’t vary during its transference from generation to generation.

Once I was listening Dr.AbdAllah Basfar (A senior saudi Qari and chairman of HQMI) saying that How such a person is lucky that recites HolyQuran as it was revealed .

If we look upon the teachings of our pious Salaf we find Imamul Qurran IbnulJazari saying in his famous poem Manthoma AlJazariyah (منظومة الجزريه)

“Because this (Qur’an) was revealed to us by Allah in this (tajweed) form And exactly like this (with tajweed) it reached us ”

The above mentioned are the translation of stanzas in the poem , which affirmly state the significance of tajweed .

It is very painful fact that even in this modern era , where machines took over human tasks , but people do not concentrate on correction of their recitations.

Thousands of TV programmes are broadcasted all over the world for correction of recitation , but the number of viewers are less as compared to musical shows and concerts . A lot of Internet websites have been launched for the said purpose .

Even many apps have been developed and are accessible on online stores .

Dear let not your time to be wasted . Alhamdulilah in many Muslim Countries , especially in KSA a lot of mosques arrange Quranic Halaqas (Quranic circles ) oftenly after Asr and Maghreb prayers free of cost.

Yet there are also other systems charging fees for their intensive featured programmes
I hope that you will InShaAllah try to make your recitations perfect catch this time instead of wasting.

At last Iam sharing a prophetic saying ” Read the Quran, for indeed it will come on the Day of Judgement as an intercessor for its companions.” [Muslim]