Difference in Educational Systems – Is it lacking our National Unity ?

Posted on December 21, 2015 Articles

Difference in Educational Systems – Is it lacking our National Unity ? – BY: AbdulRehman Shoro

It is normally opined by Our senior educationists and intellectuals on different forums that , when there exists significant diversification in an educational system of a particular region , it creates a lot of problems and leads towards diminishing of national unity .

It is an established and undebatable fact that Education is one of the fundamental and basic rights of Humanbeings, especially children . As a muslim I affirm this , because there is a well-known and mostly cited , a Prophetic ﷺ saying “Seeking Knowledge is obligatory on each Muslim” . This generalization includes both men and women.Moreover Article 26 of UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS documents the legitimacy in these words : “Everyone has the right to education….”.

When the right of education ,is provided to one nation , via different routes , Then it is confirmed , that it will lead towards disintegration of national unity . A question arises here Why ? Lets exemplify this , There is a group of students , each and everyone has equally obtained A+ in his exams .Now due to some circumstances some of the students are awarded with Prize-X and the remaining ones with Prize-Y.Yet there is a slight difference in both of these prizes . What do you think , Will the students ignore this differentiation? . I don’t think so .

Its normal that they will inquire with each other about this slight differentiation . Its just a slight case .

What will you say about Big Differentiations in educational systems or routes ? As a nation , we affrim the lack of Bond of National Unity in ourselves . I question in this regard that , How do you desire or dream to see your nation equally fulfilled with Patriotic feelings , while you are witnessing Differences in Educational Systems or routes.

I opine , that our books should be source of National Unity , should provide an appropriate forum for this . It shouldn’t serve as Differentiation element in our unity. Since there are a lot of ways for stengthening unity bond but discussing Education as a source of it , is necessary . As Education means Mental Development of a personality . So it should be homogenous in each situation . Each and everybody should be nourished and nurtured with same education . .

Hopefully I say, that the present systems can be subjected for rectification in this respect.

We should take proper rectifying steps in improving our Educational system , clearing it up from differences ,rather than listing out comparisons in them. Its a national duty upon each and every capable to carry on and accompilsh this arduous task sincerely . As this is mattering in our national unity foundations, which play key-role in the development and prosperity of a nation

AbdulRehman Shoro High-School student , having interests in Religio-Social Matters
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