Pakistan counter terrorism measures in the wake of 16 December APS attack

Posted on December 8, 2015 Articles

Pakistan counter terrorism measures in wake of 16 December 2014 APS attack

Where the globe is facing terrorism threats, Pakistan is one country which is facing huge losses and serious concern from terrorist groups and become a state in trouble but also playing a vital role to countering terrorism. Especially after the black day of history in Pakistan of army public school attack in which 132 students and teachers were martyred Pakistan government and nation stand up against terrorism and develop consensus to eliminate the terrorism from their roots. In this paper I will discuss what measures taken by Pakistan to counter terrorism and how much these measures become effective and to what extent Pakistan is successful to eliminate the terrorism.

Pakistan counter terrorism measures
• Target hardening
• Domestic intelligence
• Pre-emptive neutralization
• Military operations
• Non-military intervention
• National action plan and other measures

In the 21st century the terrorism become major threat not only to the individuals but also the state at a large scale. Pakistan is one country which most effected and face much losses due to terrorism and try to countering it. But horrible terror attack on the army public school Peshawar on 16 December 2014 make consciences of whole country to counter and eliminate the terrorism and terrorist elements in Pakistan which almost become cause of 50 thousand lives since 9/11. In the response of bloody tragedy of APS the government of Pakistan and Pakistan army took some strict measures for eliminating the terrorism.
At that time PM Nawaz Sharif took some steps; call an all party conference, formed national action plan committee, established military courts for 2 years and lifted the suspension on execution. The operation Zarb e Azb, the Karachi operation, the south Punjab and Baluchistan none military intervention, abolish the distinction between good and bad Taliban and improving the domestic intelligence, all these measures were took after the APS attack for counter terrorism.
Pakistan’s counter terrorism measures:
In the wake of 16 December 2014 the APS attack the public and government of Pakistan all determined to eliminate the roots of terrorism form Pakistan for this purpose the Nawaz Sharif government with the collaboration of Pakistan army develop consensus to take some strict measures for countering terrorism. These measures are
• Target hardening
With the order of government all over in the Pakistan they place concrete barriers sufficiently distance outside all the schools and government buildings, airports, rail stations and important sensitive places and also deployed security forces at the sensitive points like mosque at the time of juma prayer.
• Domestic intelligence
Pakistan improves her domestic intelligence especially the pak army intelligence agency ISI strengthening network not only at domestic level but also at regional level. Through increasing intelligence and with the use of new technology Pakistan intercept and trace the Taliban network and get important information and also expose the RAW intervention in terrorist acts in Pakistan. These sources of intelligence and information helped a lot of Pakistan for counter terrorism especially in the military operations and for defining the origin and causes of terrorism in the Pakistan.
• Pre-emptive neutralization
In the response of APS attack Pakistan also took the measures of pre-emptive neutralization in which the anti terrorism forces captured the suspected terrorist before they mound an attack and disable them and interrogate them to get information about the other terrorist, targets and stop the terrorism. These all pre-emptive neutralization measures are possible due to strengthen full intelligence. Regarding to these measures we all know that every day many suspected terrorist are capturing by security forces.
• Military operations
Pakistan this time took serious actions to eliminate the terrorism and start military operations against the terrorist. Pakistan start operation Zarb e Azb from Meran Shah sector which was a focal point of terrorist in Pakistan this operation launched by the Pakistan armed forces in North Waziristan. This operation was the response of the 8 June 2008 attack on Jinnah international airport in Karachi and execution of 23 frontier corps soldier also in 2014 attack but after the APS attacks the operation Zarb e Azb much faster and most effective and reach on an extreme level.
The Zarb e Azb operation is Pakistan’s largest military operation against the terrorism in Pakistan in which 180000 troops are deployed. Through this operation Pakistan get important success against the terrorism and clear almost full area of North Waziristan from terrorist. On the other hand the Karachi operation by Pakistan rangers is also assisting by Pakistan army. It is become successful operation and eliminate the terrorism in the Karachi, all the target killers, kidnapers and other RAW sponsored terrorist has come to end as well as rangers also strike against the Taliban in Karachi and counter all possible threats of terrorism.
Now the interior minister CH NISAR stated that the situation of Karachi is better than 2013 he also extend the Karachi operation. The COAS geranial Raheel shareef stated about operation Zarb e Azb and its success and benefits and explain the role of this operation in countering and combating terrorism at large scale.
Non-military intervention:
The government of Pakistan after the APS attack in countering terrorism not only uses the military operations or forces intervention but also they used the non military approach to abolish the terrorism from the roots. Regarding the non military approach Pakistan government took steps in Baluchistan, south Punjab and those areas of KPK which were affected by terrorism.
In the Baluchistan the army granted peace and security to those entire terrorist and insurgents who surrender for the sake of strengthen Pakistan, government also started economic activities in Baluchistan at large scale like gawadr port and pak china economic corridor, they also give special quotas to Bloch people in government jobs and give them concessions in education expenditure.
On the other hand they improved the education system in south Punjab and give opportunities to the student of south Punjab to get education freely; they also ban all extremist groups of south Punjab. The IDP,s of KPK affected areas are also welcome by government and army, they build temporary houses for them and give them all basic needs and also give them free admissions in the universities.
All these acts and non military approaches from government to eliminate the inequalities and give equal access to natural and government resources and improve education health economics and living facilities to counter and abolish the terrorism roots which is now giving tremendous result in the sense of building peace.
National action plan and other counter terrorism measures:
In the response of APS school attack Pakistan change its counter terrorism policy, at first abolish the distinction of good and bad Taliban and an all parties conference (APC) called by prime minister Nawaz for evolve consensus to make a counter terrorism strategy and formed a national action plan committee which later purposed 20 points national action plan, through this plan they counter terrorism from all aspect.
They also established apex committees at provisional level to implement the national action plan and also made military courts for 2 years through the national action plan which become much effective. Prime Minister Nawaz on the second day of tragedy 17 December 2014 lifted the 6 year old ban on execution law and on next day 18 December 2014 general Raheel shareef signed death warrants of 6 convicts.
The brutal and evil attack of terrorist on army public school in Peshawar on 16 December 2014 in which 132 innocent student and teachers were martyred bring together the nation and government on the consensus to eliminate and abolish the terrorism. In the quick response of this immoral and shameful attack Pakistan government with the collaboration of Pakistan army took some serious and strict measures to counter terrorism, the PM of Pakistan call an all party conference and established national action plan committee which later conclude a national action plan and established apex committees on provisional level to implement national action plan.
The national government also ended the execution law and made death snatches of terrorist convict’s yard bird, and also established military courts, as well as escalates military operations of Zarb e Azb and Karachi operation
On the other hand government and pak army also started non military interventions to eliminate the fundamental roots of terrorism from Baluchistan KPK and south Punjab and even in some areas of Sindh. Government also strengthen the security of sensitive and governmental places as well as they perk up the domestic intelligence and break the Taliban and other terrorist networks and expose the foreign agencies involvement in sponsoring terrorism.
Pakistan is using all the counter terrorism measures like target hardening, pre-emptive neutralization increasing domestic intelligence as well as started military operation and non military intervention.No doubt Pakistan is countering terrorism in very well and strict manners as we see yesterday they hang four terrorist attackers of APS School but they still need to improve their counter terrorism strategy more strict and hard.