Pork-Selling …. An ideological and national threat

Posted on December 4, 2015

It is totally unbelievable that in Islamic Republic of Pakistan , pork is being sold in name of Beef / Mutton. It’s really an alarming and saddening situation that Pakistan , which was established in the name of Islam , with an objective to safeguard Muslims’ rights so that they could fashion their lifestyles as per Divine Injunctions and Pakistan is predicted to be a torch-bearer for whole Muslim Community in near future . So in these scenarios keeping this incident in view , this seems unbelievable and unimaginable .

Muslims used to chant a widely-used slogan ( پاکستان کا مطلب کیا – لا اله إلا الله ) before the creation of Pakistan. This incident shows the deterioration of that spirit which was the basis of Pakistan Ideology unanimously . Holy Quran explicitly made the pork , forbidden to eat. Moreover constitutionally it is banned .

Unfortunately In Pakistan due to unjust Wealth Distribution , there are several classes of people based upon the finance having each .This incident also alarmed the elite class ( which always prefer to get high priced quality goods ) due to abundant distribution of pork in name of beef or mutton .
The exposure of this odious crime is credited to PFA. The team initiated raid against such persons in the best interests of Islam and Pakistan .

This is not a time to criticize in Talk Shows and then go back home , rather Higher Governing institutions are incumbent to curb this curse from society as soon as possible . The judiciary should also move on by taking Sue Motto Notices and accelerating the case proceedings . As the Government is showing hard-line stance towards Terrorism , the same hard-line is needed to be drawn against this offense because this is a national and an ideological threat .

A lot of discussions have been made and are on-going . Due to current circumstances , we are demanded, to show practicality in what we assert, in eliminating these henious activities.

AbdulRehman Shoro , High School student Writer , having interests in Religio-Social issues .