Posted on December 4, 2015

It is an undeniable fact that each and every one of us have been gifted with a unique talent . Talent differs from person to person , if same then differs in certain degrees. I opine , that talents are actually of two-types, based on the ways they can be nurtured . These types include Self-Nurture-able Talent and Externally Nurture-able Talent , both of which I can abbreviate as SNT and ENT respectively .This is my own classification which helped me in understanding , absorbing and implementing PHILOSOPHY of TALENT.

Classification of Talent in this scenario, is actually based upon of my some observations and experiences . I hold , that It can be a reality or a groundless opinion .

Coming Back to the illustrations of these types , the former (SNT) is in the person’s approach . A person will not have to fall back upon any thing at all in nurturing this , Just a little effort and some adjustments are required in accomplishing this task. I think if a person doesn’t take any interest in this , it can be deemed as SELF-ENMITY . As firstly it was God-Gifted , secondly it was in person’s approach and Thirdly , it only demanded a little effort as an “Activation Energy ” in” Body-Enzymes Mechanism “.

As far as the latter (ENT) is concerened, nobody can fully assure a person about this talent . As it is unknown about the approach or capacity of the externally installed factor . Hence neither you will find here Assurance of TALENT Growth nor Future Success of your talent .

Listing out some comparisons between the aforementioned types , I think the widely-used proverb ” GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES ” will work effectively in the former type as a person by dint of hard working , succeeds . He establishes his personality , power and capabilty by himself . While pondering over the latter , A person hopefully waits for a FOREIGN-FACTOR to be initiated in himself , making him capable to compete speedily .

I conclude that, a person should indulge himself in nurturing first type as it has “SELF-MANUFACTURED RAW MATERIALS” . By his available opprtunities he can do anything . I deem this stance to be the safest as it is might possible that person belonging to second-stance has to wait and wait … Doing a little is quite better than, doing nothing but to wait .

AbdulRehman Shoro , Jeddah-based , high-school student . Writer on Religio-Social and educational issues .

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