Institute of Business & Technology Scam

Posted on November 28, 2015

If you’ve been believing that politicians are the only ones corrupt, you’re so naive. Can you guess how many mafias do we have to bear? The land mafia, trading mafia, bhatta mafia, media mafia and many many more. But did you know that there’s another mafia that’s run by the educational institutes?? It has been a ritual of many colleges and universities to promise many nice things to you at the time of admission but once you’re trapped, you’re a prisoner who gets the total opposite of what was previously promised to you! Devastating isn’t it??

I was once a student of biztek. I studied BBA there over the last 4 years. When it was my last semester they did not enroll me in the required courses as per the curriculum and told me to give a challenger exam. Well let me introduce you to the term challenger exam first. A challenger exam means that you pay a specific amount as the fees for the course and appear in an exam. I appeared in that exam and performed very well but when the result was announced they declared me FAIL in that particular subject, putting me in a state of utter shock!
When a week had passed since the result was announced, I got a call from biztek telling me that I had cleared my exam and that I had to pay the RE-CHECKING FEES and then my marks would be changed. Most of the students who attempted this exam recieved this call and obviously we paid the re-checking fees because it was the question of our precious career.
After recieving the re-checking fees they made us wait for 2 whole months but when they announced the result again it remained the same much to our dismay!
When the students asked the management about the result they refused to give a satisfactory answer but what’s worse was that they threatened us to take the specific course again, telling us that this is the last course and that if we don’t, they would cancel our admission. This was a shameless act performed in the name of a noble profession such as education.
But that’s not all folks!! They ruined the career of the students who fed them large amounts of money in the name of fees for quality education for years! They wasted their time and handwork like it meant nothing! If a student would want to meet someone from the higher management to discuss this issue they first charged them a 5k fine!

If this is the state of our educational sector, then no words can describe the mess that we are in today! I am just disappointed with the HEC for doing nothing in this regard. I pray that they get guidance and feelings of empathy for these whose futures they have shattered.