“Go Hard or Go Home”

Posted on November 28, 2015

For those who loses their way/hopes/happiness/wishes and desires. Hence, writing few handy mind boosting words that in somehow can regenerate & will help to restart their lives with some hope, because only hope that has the potency to move on.
If we born to dream, dream to achieve something big in life then it takes enormous efforts, efforts that will necessitate some sacrifices from our orchid of beautiful lives.

We have to lose something to achieve big, not talking about losing your own self but the time, emotions, relations & other significant events. Our goal or target won’t listen to us in any condition, neither of our brain not be to our heart. It will only demand till you achieve firm grip over it.

Remember to dream big,
Think long-term,
Underachieve on daily basis,
& take the baby steps.
That is the key to long-term success.

Whenever we dream for great achievements, our race with the bigger and harder challenges initiates right away. A race with the components of several dark shadows, failures, nightmares, criticisms, tears, disappointments, letdowns & condemnations, & they all are the bitter reasons and barriers of your success, if you dreamed for these ingredients then you’re simply under qualified to take participation in that race.

I have also bigger dreams & eager to accomplish them but I know it takes huge time, for that I have also faced plenty of failures, criticisms & a lot of disappointments, but, they were all my own mistakes, maybe there was some absence in my own efforts, and now I try to rebuild my strategies to work more harder, why should I quit and stop trying, failure is not the part of my destination, they’re just the barriers which I need to revoke and move on. That’s it!

Living happily in the time of sorrows is almost a difficult and tough task, but the very thin point to be noted is that sorrows were the part of past, they are the part of present also and even they’ll be the part of your future as well, sorrows are everywhere, many complications we had faced, we are facing and we will face again in coming period.

So why we always mark our life’s beautiful moments by these hitches, sorrows will never be finished they are the portion of your whole life, it will remain constant, and sometimes jubilation win the contest against pains and sometimes pain get the higher marks in the great competition of life. Even world’s richest individuals face the similar condition in their lives.

We people have different tolerating minds, some people switch their sorrows into the smiles and live with the true spirit and some are having no control on their troubles and they always seem depressed and unhappy but few are exceedingly emotional, they commit suicide and perform all possible life killing actions, this is just ridiculous, this is not our religion, this isn’t our Islam.

If sorrows are with us like our body part then why we are killing our beautiful lives, we must need to help each other, live happily and confidently, if we’ll react we will destroy our present commitments. Remember “Happiness are not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them”.
Fronting with the sorrows is not as easy as saying but once look at your mother, when she is pregnant but still works.

Look at your father, when in hot summer he rejected to stay at home and ready to move on just because of us.
Look at those poor who have no food and water.
Look at the labors, who work day and night without any proper covering.
Look at the patients in hospitals, who are suffering from their every minute, just to relive once again.
Finally, look at the life history of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), had he quit? Had he left the way of Islam by the fear of his difficulties? Had he surrender in front of his enemies?

Think! Are our difficulties lot more than our Prophet? We should feel sorrow, but not sink under its oppression.
Life is about keep moving, the button of life never stops or pause, it keeps continuing. It will take but slowly and gradually one day all become fine & well.
Almighty ALLAH is not our enemy, he just makes us strong enough to face the hurdles with perfection & then he rewarded with the best of blessings.
Keep smiling and say ALHAMDULILLAH! 🙂
Jaazib Saeed (Hiast)