“A system with all four side barriers”

Posted on November 21, 2015

“This time is important, important as breathing and special as blessing”.

Currently, if we do look around ourselves Pakistan is facing several issues in all sectors including educational, political, technological, economical, health, agricultural and in so many other sectors.
We are developing but with the speed of turtle, so many ups and downs and instabilities is there which are playing the roles as barriers in the development of Pakistan.

We are just like the example of a dead city; where the people are being terrified by the unsympathetic, brutal and unmerciful authorities, powers and rulers, but then how good for them that suddenly a Hero, blessing by God introduced to help those victims to let them free and unrestricted to live their lives with freedom and sovereignty. Tension released!

Now can we just look around ourselves that in what place we are jammed, which are the barriers are there in our way of developing a fine country? & the answer is “Us”.
We actually are the barriers, the defaulters, the cheaters, and the hurdles; it’s not the mistake by anybody else neither other countries nor the other powers.

Let’s discuss about the “Education” and the barriers in its system, Nowadays Pakistan’s major issue is not only the education but how we perceive and reflect that education is a chief concern to discuss.

According to the definition of Education “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction” we supposed to be receiving and then provide that education to others, but how sad that we are doing it in an opposite manner, now that’s the problem by that we are not heading towards the betterment.
Pakistan has the not the deficit of quality education, we are facing the deficit of lack in sense, lack in wisdom, lack in intelligence and absence of proficiency.

According to recent stats, many youngsters are receiving their education from all possible well standard institutions and they’re going quiet well and good MashAlllah, but plenty of ones are not suited as good human beings, education teaches us not only the theme of subjects but it teaches us to implement on them morally and positively.

We the current generation should come along as leading examples, we must have to realize that we’re terminating and shrinking the fresh minds of upcoming generation. Upcoming generations have some broader terms of ideas and knowledge of progress and development but they’re not aware of that and none of any counseling of that knowledge. They know how to operate computers and mobile phones in very early ages and even better than us but they have been unable to implement their own ideas in the physical and developing manner. They mean as the significance brainpowers of the nation that can improve the geographical state of Pakistan in all aspects.

We actually need to bring them at the right track, track of ethics, track of importance of Nation, track of productivity and creativity. We must need to provide them a true sense of education, not only receiving but replicating and executing too. Nowadays; we don’t play with our children, don’t give them proper time to educate and explain them some imperative and superior information that can sparkle their future. We don’t listen them, only provide them finance and food, sent them to schools then tuitions and finally after a big dinner, we ordered them to back to sleep as usual routine. No stories and no hugs!

In today’s modern era, everything is being produced at high standards and levels but children don’t have any inspiration or motivation by their elders through they can learn from us; we always do silly and non-ethical acts in front of them, abuses, bike wheeling, violence, ferocity, arguments and fights on petty matters, harassing women in streets, showing non useful aggression and dominancy, abusing our parents, non-safe driving, giving less concentration on education and other un-precedential actions that we perform in front of them is basically we’re devastating their minds and reflecting at bad deeds.

When the small children are near around to us we must have to behave accurately and precisely according to positive gesture of good nature, we should need to speak with good sound and accent with a good gesture and posture as well, we must try to prevent ourselves from abusing and misbehaving so they can learn good points of behaviors instead of learning bad deeds. One thing more to be added for the flourishing, we must play and take part in their educational and sport activities so we can add some new ideas and concepts in their minds & prevent them from breaking any rules and regulations.

Now please have a look on my above point of line “This time is important, important as breathing and special as blessing”.
Yes! It is the time and it is important, we must not to waste it… our country needs our concentration… we need to awaken the coming generation & share with them the circumstances of our country… the hazards & difficulties through which our country is going on… we must have to share with them, give them information, provide awareness in them, teach them the drawbacks of our country and letting know the solutions and ideas from them as well… so they can aware the information and prevent their selves from the habits that can be the reason of destruction of our country.

Build a Child… Build Pakistan…
Jaazib Saeed (Hiast)