It is the history of Nawaz Shareef to buy the Generals

Posted on November 14, 2015 Articles

It is the history of Nawaz Shareef to buy the Generals, divided the army and stage coup within army.. He will be trying this time also..

So now the Guardian also follows Zaid Hamid on Modi’s credentials :)). Modi is a “Hindu” Taliban …. :)) …

Arif Nizami exposes the strategy of Nawaz — He tries to buy the Generals !! He did the same in Musharraf time also. …

Gen Asif Nawaz died mysteriously. Gen Jahangir Karamat was forced to resign by NS. then NS tried to stage a coup within army against Mushrf.

NS plays dangerously within the army. His 1998 coup attempt had almost destroyed Pak army — pitching Pak army Corps against each other !!

Now, I can clearly see the trend once again – the mad reaction shown by PML(N) govt & corrupt political parties against Gen Raheel is insane

So, if history is a benchmark, NS will first try to buy the Corp Commanders, then try to stage a coup within the army against Gen Raheel !!

I sincerely hope sanity prevails in the PML(N) camp. Gen Raheel is taking all the right steps against corruption, terrorism! NS MUST support

There is insane display of rage & anger in the Govt & pol parties against General Raheel. The nation stands with army NOT with these crooks.

Musharraf put MNS on trial for hijacking the plane but NEVER tried for a more serious act — dividing the army & staging a coup within !!