Imran Khan Apna 350 Small Hydel Dams Ka Waada Poora Karte Hue, 4 New Small Hydel Power Stations Open in Dir

Posted on October 23, 2015

UPPER DIR: Four small hydel power houses were inaugurated here on Wednesday that would generate 195 kilowatt electricity and supply power to over 600 households.

Commissioner Malakand Division Usman Gul inaugurated the projects during a ceremony at Panakot.

The power houses were constructed at a cost of Rs21 million in Qulandi and Dobando areas.

Army’s Operational Commander Brig Ijaz Ahmad and CEO of Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) Shahzada Masoodul Mulk also participated in the function.

Addressing the function, Usman Gul said the government alone could not overcome power crisis in the country as it had insufficient resources, and needed the private sector’s contribution in that regard.

The commissioner lauded SRSP’s role in the generation of electricity at the local level.

Noor Ajab, SRSP’s regional programme manager, informed the officials that the organisation would generate five megawatt of electricity in the district. He said 2.6 megawatts had already been generated while the rest would soon be materialised.

It is worth mentioning here that out of 42 power house projects to be built in both Upper and Lower Dir districts, 21 have already been completed while the rest would be operationalised by September next year.

Brig Ijaz Ahmad commended the local people for helping the security forces in ensuring peace in the district. He said it were the people who made possible peace in the district.