“Keeping all the golden apples in a fractured basket”

Posted on October 17, 2015

We all know how tough the living is in today’s modern era, belongings we want have become our frantic need, to attain our every need & demand we jump to compete with to the world, directly or indirectly, somehow intentionally & somehow none of any intention is there.
We the people have infinite needs and demands; every individual has its own demand. We need everything which provide us comfort, relaxation and sometimes proud, proud of having self-efficiency, that yes! We are not behind of anyone, that’s our nature, a bitter fact and truth.

However, still plenty of people haven’t achieved grip on their nerves at peace, they’ve achieved almost everything, from the expensive automobiles, costly smart phones, long squared area houses or lands, bank balances & other so many luxuries for their each and every comfort, Whether they have achieved from their own hard work or someone’s else, you guys know what exactly my point is. So I was chatting that people’s demand will never be arrived at the platform of finish, they need more, more & more.
But why, because as the time is running, era has been developing much more for us, we made ourselves as just like beggars of buying and having new stuff.

Oh yes!
I have to compete with to the society, I’ve to run fast….. Faster….. Why not fastest.
We had simple Nokia phones for our communication with ease; all were going good and normal.

Era changed; cameras and video recording phones were introduced, oh OMG! Now I am able to capture my own pictures and special moments, Oh WOW! I have to buy this one as early as possible.

Touch phones introduced, we can use our phones with more ease, and we don’t need to fight with those sticky buttons anymore. Oh How CUTE! I want to buy this one.

Please don’t stop!
I-phones, galaxy phones and special series phones introduced with hundreds of fascinating apps.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh Wowwwwwww! No one can stop me to buy this one.

Every day we need something new & better, which can make actually ourselves better, Yes! We’re doing this only for ourselves, just for developing at the bases of “Only Me”, how selfish we’re. We have forgotten the world, forgotten the poor around us, forgotten value of our own country, forgotten the value of respect; we have nothing for others but everything for us, our additional and extra expenditures decreased the annual rate of Zakat in Pakistan, we’ve stolen the lights, stolen the food, we actually are the criminals of our society’s terrible time, we are responsible for the poorness of society.

You know, what we have decreased by attaining all those comforts; we become unable to save, unable to give time to our families, unable to invest on some good businesses, we became the reason of our own poverty, unable to pay utilities, we shattered our incomes, reduced our annual Zakat & other so many faults & crimes we have done to our own society.

We have badly killed our economy, deficit in savings, investments, deficit of providing financial help to the poor institutions, just demanding only for luxuries, demanding for international brands, products, services & international tours, we only demand for the imports that results as decreasing the selling power of our own goods and services, less exports which becomes a serious nightmare for our Economy and National Income and by this we are gaining the special gift of Un-employment in our country named as Pakistan.

What shame that still we do/make complaints and criticize to our government and country, Good Job Guys! Keep spending your property & cash to your own butts
Guys! Wake-up and see the bad times which our Pakistan is facing, we have already ruined our society by demanding several things; time isn’t over wake for your country.
Do spend your money but with a limit, save or invest some part of your cash that can help the poor or your own family in future’s torrid times, don’t eat your own future.

Some ones are waiting to be cherished up by you!
(Jaazib Saeed)

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