Saudia arabia Hide the Total number of death in Hajj

Posted on October 1, 2015 Articles

They don’t have a clue how to engage with these people,” said Irfan al-Alawi, co-founder of the Makkah-based Islamic Heritage Research Foundation (IHRF). “There’s no crowd control,” Alawi said.
Another witness, 39-year-old Egyptian Mohammed Hasan, voiced worries that a similar incident “could happen again”.
“You just find soldiers gathered in one place doing nothing,” he said
In the last major incident, in January 2006, 364 pilgrims were killed in a stampede during the stoning ritual, and in 1990, 1,426 mainly Asian pilgrims died in a tunnel stampede at Mina after a ventilation system failure.
When Religion Is Big Business
Saudia Arabia lied the total number of death & purchased the Pakistani media to fool Pakistani people.