4 Pakistani levies injured in an attack, is my prediction coming true?

Posted on October 1, 2015 Articles

Few months ago i wrote a blog that “Is Pakistan next war going to be with Iran?” and many people considered it as a non-sense and as a riyal taking blogger. But today Iran attacked Levies in the balochistan and injured 4 of them. Just imagine if it has been done by India or USA or Saudia then how many tweets and reports and breaking news we have got.

This was an unprovoked attack, i have not heard of Pakistan attacking or shelling in Iran ever and also Pakistan levies are too busy protecting Baluchistan from Indian backed Baloch terrorist to attack any other country. But still none of the main Pakistani channel is reporting this, and we dont get any tweet from ISPR also.

As i have been saying it for sometime that Iran, Israel and India is a nexus against Pakistan, and with recent Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran is becoming more and more aggressive.

Iran is supporting Yemeni terrorist and supplying them arms.



Iran is trying to create an anarchy in Bahrain

Iran involvement in Syria is clear as a sun on a cloudless day.

Lastly but not leastly Iran is the running the government in Iraq

But the strangest thing is that Iran is attacking on Pakistan borders too. Which is really surprising. Because i personally thought that Iran will ignore Pakistan while its busy with Saudia but these events says that Iran is getting full support from India and other nations who wants to destablize Pakistan and also we have to remember that Iran Mehdi army was fully supporting last year dharna in Islamabad and were ready to pounce on any opportunity to create chaos and anarchy in the capital of Pakistan thus giving an excuse for other powers to control or kill Pakistan nuclear capability.

If there are three nations we need to be wary of as Pakistan then they are Iran, India, Israel.