Shia Role and Mina Incident of 2015

Posted on September 30, 2015 Articles

Shia Role and Mina Incident of 2015

Some 6 months ago i wrote a blog “Shia tactics of Propaganda and Intimidation

and in it i wrote “Another interesting way of intimidating the majority Sunni sect is that during Hajj and Umrah, Shia will always travel in group. They will sit on stairs or in Muta’af as a group thus creating hurdles in the free flow of the pilgrims.. You will never find a Shia group in Harmains sitting behind or in non-obtrusive places. Also they will speak loudly thus distracting all other pilgrims in their act of worships.

Although i did not foresee it but after hearing about Mina Crush and the news report of “Crush cause: 300 Iranians violated rule” by Arab News, my mind immediately understood what they probably have done. Reports from the camera on the routes of the Hajj procession showed that “Violations began when a group of 300 Iranian pilgrims started moving from Muzdalifa straight to Jamarat, instead of first going to their camps as is generally practiced by Haj pilgrims, to wait for the time of movement of their group. Then they moved in the opposite direction on Street 203 where the painful incident took place

Its one of the saddest of the tragedies. But i have very little doubt that the Iranian deliberately caused it. They may only wanted disruption and make all the true Muslims look un-organized or they may want the revenge of not being able to sabotage Hajj through their terrorist plans or they may be avenging the capture of their terrorist mastermind of Khobar Attack of 1996.. But this is something which Shia do quite often.

In 2013 Shia also did similar intimidation and agitation under the banner of procession of Muharram, which resulted in number of casualties. But all these Muharram procession have only one objective to disrupt the security and serenity of the city and stop all economic and commercial activities and instigate hatred and create an atmosphere of anarchy.

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