Posted on September 15, 2015

Sep 15th 2015

Dr.Agha Inamullah Khan

I am not the spokesperson for Pakistan Army but facts are facts. Yes since the assassination of Pakistan’s first Prime minister Liaqat Ali Khan, a most likely CIA plot to eliminate him because he refused to allow them an airbase, Pakistan was popularly believed to be run by 3 main stake holders; Army, America & Allah; and that too, much to the open fact has been mostly propagated on CNN and BBC. And the real trouble started when one stakeholder got kicked out. You know who!
Pakistan rounding up terrorists, traitors and looters under operation code name Zarb e Azb has given indigestion to many western journalists who could not swallow the fact that Pakistan has come out proudly of the mess they created pushed Pakistani nation in misery through their paid mercenaries TTP & Co; propagated web of lies they spread against Pakistan to create sense of insecurity here so that elite could shift its business and money abroad and the media sang in chorus on command of its masters, to present it as a failed state, and claimed that by 2015 it will plunge into same fate as that of Yugoslavia.
Mr.Jon Boone in “The Guardian” has shown his discomfort and restlessness; writing another pack of lies dated September 14th 20015 captioned as “Pakistan press freedom under pressure from Army.”dd
Mr. Jon Boone! You started your article mentioning; rather precisely wrote with the help of that traitor Hamid Mir who has minted money through your proxies and Endian R&AW and is going through unbearable agony watching how Pakistan is progressing at lightning speed since General Raheel took over the baton as COAS, and how Gen Raheel along with patriots of this country has failed your Pentagon Plan, London Plan, this plan and that Plan of destabilizing Pakistan.
Mr Mir went to accept Bangladesh’s highest National award on behalf of his spy father who along with your MI6, CIA & traitors Nexus facilitated in its making; and now it’s an open fact as claimed by Endia’s terrorist Prime Minister Narendra Modi that they assisted Mukhti Bahini which massacred and raped hundreds and thousands of Bengalis to put the blame on Pakistan Army. Traitors are found everywhere Mr.Boone, one just needs to eliminate them and yes the enemy regimes shower them with dollars, pound sterling and awards for their geo-political interests. Any doubts!!
Nations do cooperate which traditionally is seen as either regional bilateral cooperation in the form of trade or shared multi-sectoral approach to share technology and progress for the ultimate benefit of humanity but unfortunately nations are being robbed, their regimes changed with force, killing innocent humans in millions under the false flags like 9/11, WMD Scare, dictator’s rule, nuclear proliferation fear etcetera. I am sorry it’s not going to work for you here in Pakistan even with the help of handful of traitors in media or Politicians.
You wrote mentioning, “Hamid Mir knew one of the guests on his nightly television show had made a mistake the moment he blurted out the name of the country’s army chief without due deference.“He just said ‘Raheel Sharif, Raheel Sharif’ without calling him general,” Mir says of a recent episode of his influential Capital Talk program. “I knew immediately the words came out it would be cut.”At a time of intense pressure on the media to cooperate with an army public relations campaign that is burnishing the image of General Sharif, channels routinely edit out or drop the sound on the mildest criticism of the military.”
Now which other freedom of Press do you seek Mr. Boone? Has CNN or BBC ever dared to talk against your Army Chiefs or CIA & MI6 heads or showed them as prisoners behind computer generated animations to be behind bars on Fox News? That despite the fact that whole of Pakistan knows by now that GEO TV NETWORK which runs this program CAPITAL TALK, is being financed by R&AW, and we patriots and Army do not give the hoot about habitual barking dogs. We have other important issues to deal Mr.Boone, we will deal with you guys latter. Just enjoy your Pizza and Pepsi for now.

Such a shame you both come out with the crap which Pakistani public is not ready to buy. All that public demands is accountability of all those looters of this country some of who are residing in expensive mansions sheltered by you under the deceptive Political Asylum law in Dubai, London and New York, despite the fact that many of them are involved in murders here and abroad but you like to keep your mouth shut and the delay tactics you have played on their trials making obvious to the World that your own media and Judiciary is biased and controlled by your agencies and secret services.
Jon Boone you further wrote “Even the country’s only Nobel peace prize winner, the schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai, was briefly silenced in early August when she said in an interview with Aaj TV that the prime minister had told her he was unable to spend more money on education because of pressure to fund military operations.”
Ha ha!!! Let me remind you this fact for what your Nation’s daddy Winston Churchill said, “A sick and uneducated population is much easier to rule than a healthier and educated one”. I am not going deep in the mystery behind an attack on Miss Malala Jane Yousufzai who kept writing to your corporation as Gul Makai, and was so popular behind the curtain until an attempt on her by assassins to have even met CIA officials. And one of the world’s largest fund is raised in her name, to dictate and force to world your curriculum, for the ultimate goal, one world one religion; in fact no religion, using hi tech to have desired mind control. We are no fools not to know your game.

Did our humble Prime Minister who pretends to be helpless to you, not share the budget details with you!! For your information on the Budget 2014-15 Pakistan, PKR 781 Billion is kept for the entire Armed Forces including strategic Forces and Civil Armed Forces. Comparison of Army’s share in the Defense Budget viz-a-viz the National Budget shows that Army’s share is only 7.9% and that is PKR 371 Billion from a total National Budget outlay of PKR 4704 Billion. Ask Mr. Prime Minister where is he spending rest, if not on health and education when most of financing in Health sector is burdened by WHO. I am not going in detail here of his corruption in Nadipur Power project which shut down few minutes after its inauguration and is dead since past one month, and there is not much to restore it except a committee set up to investigate on corruption to safeguard his relatives who minted money on that project. I am sure you are sympathetic to him, to ask for you more IMF loans to fill in their pockets while rest of nation is dying of poverty paying debts of the amount that went in their pockets.

You wrote,“Mir fears, that behind the pressure for self-censorship lurk “anti-democratic forces deliberately trying to undermine political institutions by giving more importance to the army.”
Oh yes, democratic forces like Hamid Mir, Asma Jehangir, Hussain Huqqani, Haroon family of Dawn, Jehangir Siddiqui of JS Global, Shakeel ur Rehman of Jang n Jeo Group, Mr. Asif Zardari whom your own media labeled Mr.10% who is now popularly known here as Mr.200%, the Badmash company (Mr. Prime minister and his brother) and his economic expert in-laws, and so on.
Mr. Boone you further wrote, “Leading journalists claim to have received indirect threats from army officials who warn them they are being targeted by terrorists or that their coverage is raising suspicions they have been compromised by the Indian intelligence service”.
Well Mr. Boone leading journalists have also received through your brokers’ plots worth billions and BMWs. We have the details of their accounts.

Ah you further write,“There is little doubt the military has rehabilitated its public reputation after the damage done to its popularity in the final years of the rule of Mr.Pervez Musharraf, the coup-making general forced from power in 2007.”

Oh yes indeed Mr.Boone, the very same general was seen as dictator by your media in the early months of his rule, until 9/11 and then he was apple of your eyes. You quoted him more often than Pakistan.

“Media workers say the current unbridled support for the army comes from the need to support the institution at a time when soldiers are dying in a war against Islamist militants. But it also reflects draconian new legal requirements placed on broadcasters. Last month the information ministry issued a sweeping code of conduct that made it a condition of a broadcaster’s license to not air material that “contains aspersions against the judiciary or armed forces”.

Ah now I know this agitation is in response to your failed collapsed mercenary force within MQM, and their chief terrorist Altaf Hussain, nurtured and sheltered by you. Is your judiciary drunk, not to try him for murder of Mr.Imran Farooq, we have provided you with ample evidence to take him behind bars unless & until proved not-guilty.
Go take a walk Mr.Boone. We have better things to do; we will deal with barking dogs later.
God bless Gen Raheel, God bless Pakistan.