Mawra Hocane fires back at Shaan Shahid for his criticism

Posted on August 31, 2015 Articles

Mawra Hocane fires back at Shaan Shahid for his criticism


Mawra Hocane, in her letter posted on social media website Facebook, that she did not expect Shaan to manipulate the statements regarding her stance on Phantom.

She also recommended the actor he should have become a mentor and suggest ways to resolve issues instead of criticizing the stars.

“We work so hard to achieve the love & respect in our people’s hearts and he always attempts to ruin it for everyone in a jiffy. Be it me, Ali Zafar , Fawad Khan or Someone as legendary as Javed Shiekh . He (Shaan) has always bashed everyone who’s stepped in India”, Hocane wrote.

“You know what Mr Shan Shahid I will still rise every morning, work as hard, still pursue my dream, still go after what I’d like to achieve and still keep my head high. I don’t need to love/like people like you to be a patriot. My love for my country and my people doesn’t need your approval”, she added.

The actress said that she was aware of how sensitive the matter was in Pakistan but could not keep track of the tweets Shaan posted.

“You must leave us kids alone as I’m politely asking you not to interfere in our matters and hinting that I don’t intend to continue this war of articles with you for unlike you I’ve got so many other things to do in my plate like.. work. I wouldn’t have given you a single reaction if it was not for you challenging my Love for my fans and for my country”, she stated.

Mawra Hocane also said that she loves her country and will always belong to it without Shahid’s approval and will do everything to make it proud.


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