Why I chose Aleem Khan for NA 122: Imran Khan’s message to all Insafians

Posted on August 30, 2015 Articles


Chairman Imran Khan’s message to all Insafians:
Why I chose Aleem Khan for NA 122

It is important for all Insafians to know why I gave the NA 122 ticket to Aleem Khan and to understand the man Aleem Khan is.
He is from a middle class family and graduated from Government College Lahore. He went on to study Business Administration in Canada but discovered he had cancer so he returned to Lahore and underwent treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital where he made a full recovery from Stage 4 cancer.
He went on to becoming a huge success in the cutthroat Real Estate business and as always tends to happen, success attracted jealousy and envy – the same happened with Jehangir Tareen. Aleem also went on to join PML Q and was made a minister in the Musharraf government. Even at that stage, when he was not in PTI, whenever PTI Lahore, under Mahmoodur Rasheed, went to him for help, he always donated generously for PTI’s cause.
I got to know Aleem Khan when he became a donor for SKMTH and later found out he had been treated and cured at the Hospital.
Since I have known Aleem Khan it has also been a process of discovering his many laudable facets, especially his quiet commitment to his many charitable projects. When I began the NAMAL College project he was one of the first few donors and initial donations are always very difficult. He continues to donate generously to SKMTH and recently gave a huge donation to the Peshawar SKMTH project.
Aleem also runs one of the best orphanages in Lahore and is now setting up a Special Children’s school Rising Sun.
PTI’s founding member and ideological father, the late Ahsan Rasheed took me several times to persuade Aleem Khan to join PTI. Sadly when he chose to do so, a malicious campaign started against him. Aleem Khan stood by my side and challenged anyone to produce a substantive case against him. Three people came forward but all three were proven wrong.
Perhaps the biggest proof of his innocence, which all Insafians should note, is that the Sharif brothers, who are masters of political victimization through the use of government resources including the police, for the last seven years, have tried and failed to prove anything against Aleem Khan.
For those Insafians who did not know, it was Aleem Khan who headed my NA 122 campaign in 2013 along with Shoaib Siddiqui and Mian Aslam – while I was busy with the national campaign and then immobilised because of my accident. It was also in Aleem’s office that the case for the NA 122 Election Tribunal was prepared by our lawyers’ team headed by Anees Hashmi and Shoaib Siddiqui – all of whom spent countless hours collating the data and scrutinizing the documentary evidence that eventually won us the case.
So I ask all Insafians, who can be more qualified that Aleem Khan to contest on the NA 122 ticket? Here is a man who gives so much to charity and is a clean success story in his business. He is also a man who stayed loyal to PTI despite not being given a ticket in the GE 2013.
All those involved in running a smear campaign against him are not Insafians. Rather, they are the Trojan horses, the fifth columnists in our midst and they are a greater danger to PTI than our external enemies and rivals.
I appeal to everyone to come together and close ranks. We are confronting the PMLN government with its abuse of state power including the misuse of the police and development funds to indulge in electoral match fixing. This is the time for all Insafians to stand with all our PTI candidates as they contest bye-elections. This is what I expect from them.

— Imran Khan

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