Is Pakistan next war going to be with Iran?

Posted on August 30, 2015 Articles

When muslims migrated from Makkah to Medinah, their initial wars were with the Quraish of Makkah. But after ghazwa khandaq quraish realised that they cannot win. So they decided not to fight any more. But the jews of the medinah and surrounding never stopped conspiring against the muslims of Medinah. So Prophet (PBUH) has to go to khyber to end their resistance.


Since the creation of Pakistan India has been our known and open enemy. We had fought multiple wars with India and India leave no chance in harming Pakistan. But we have another very hidden and dangerous enemy and that is Iran. Since 2002 India has a pact with Iran in which Iran will support India in war, and it goes without saying whom Pakistan have fought wars.

Iran is also the one who tried to get our nuclear program rolled back but Alhamdulillah Allah protected it. But now with the deal between west and iran, iran is becoming very aggressive. According to the deal Iran will be allowed to self inspect itself. What is the use of that inspection?

Iran forces are actively engaged in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and their army majors are getting killed in these foreign country wars and nobody is raising any criticism on it.


Pakistan is receiving only US $50 billion from China for which the Pakistanis are making it the biggest achievement. On the other hand Iran is getting US $150 billion. Yes it is ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS for just signing the treaty.


and what Iran is going to do with this money, its going to buy lot of weapons, weapons of mass destructions also. Iran is already placing big orders with the world arms manufacturers.

This is the largest order for Russia also and we have to remember that India mostly buys from Russia lot of weapons but this order is bigger than what India usually buy one time.


On the other hand Indian Naval War Fleet is in Iran on a friendly visit.

Also America is expecting better relationship between USA and Israel after Iran Deal. Why is it so?


Connecting these dots give us a very horrifying picture. But the braves are only those who decide to take on the horror. Unfortunately our media is totally under the control of the west and Iran and its not going to report anything against the hands that feed it. But if we don’t open our eyes i think we will be surprised by this western neighbor and even the independent media says that Pakistan’s bloody sectarianism has its root in Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979.

We do need to remember also that Iran has also crossed our borders and killed our soldiers in past, when it was under so called sanctions.

In 1971 war we lost half of Pakistan waiting for the 7th fleet of our great ally America. Today we have to remember that we should not lose another part of ours on the promises of another so called friend because in the world politics nobody is your friend if you are not your own friend.

So it is important that we make contract, bring investment but also protect our borders and integrity and define our foreign policy keeping in view our own interest. We should remember that we have a large consumer population which every country is interested in capitalizing on. But its our duty only and exclusively to protect our own interests.

In the end even the Intelligence experts believe that the Iranian Nuclear deal is going to escalate Iranian terrorism in the region

the truth is summarized in just one tweet