Black Day for Judiciary of Pakistan

Posted on August 30, 2015 Articles


On August 28 2015, the CJP created the most regrettable incident in the History of Pakistan. During case proceedings today, CJP didn’t allow the lawyers and court staff to offer Jummah prayers, a religious obligation for every Muslim. Owing to his bias & vengeance towards Bahria Town, Jawwad S Khawaja just crossed all decent limits. Even as CJP, no one can put restrictions on anyone to perform to attend to their religious matters and prayers being the most important one. He didn’t allow anyone to leave the court even for half an hour raising very serious question, WHY? Why is he in so much hurry? His prejudice and vendetta against Bahria Town is talk of the town. He desperately wants to pass a verdict against Bahria Town in no time just before his upcoming retirement on Sept 9 2015.

Today he himself validated all the objections/requests for recusal filed by Bahria Town lawyers in the case. Jawwad S Khawaja has once again not only violated the constitution of Pakistan but also disrespected the prestigious position of Head of Supreme Court by hurting religious sentiments of so many people just for his ego gratification. Media should not turn a blind eye to this dictatorial attitude of CJP & must raise the voice against such vendetta.

Judges in oath taking promises to abide by the law. Read article 175 all laws are there. If you bend away from the rules. It will not be a good gesture. You should not misuse your position as a Judge. Due process of law is everything. If everything is decided then what’s the use of Supreme Court?

Media groups, Anchors, Politicians, Lawyers and institutions are silent on the issue and need to realize that this should not become a tradition of the society that the Honorable court can restrict people from performing religious obligations.

28 August is no doubt a black day for judiciary. So much bias has been established now Justice Jawwad must recuse himself or there will be fingers pointed at him for having personal grudge against Bahria Town and its owners.

It is for the best of parties and the judges and best for judiciary that justice prevails but if this particular case is continued in the same way then I must say that rich and poor of Pakistan will have no justice and where there is no Justice there is no prosperity and peace.