Kasur Incidence of Child Sexual Abuse

Posted on August 12, 2015 Articles

I could not manage to pick the courage of picking pen up and write on the recent cases of hundreds of our children, being sexually abused by those amongst us who do not deserve to be called human beings. One cannot imagine of a society, nowadays, where such criminals subject innocent children to such inhuman acts of violence and sexual abuse.

All this means that in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority country of 180 million, our children remain vulnerable. Child labor is common in Pakistan, and children as young as 5 are bought, sold, rented or kidnapped and placed in organized begging rings, domestic servitude, small shops, brick kilns and prostitution. What picture do we present to the world of an Islamic country made on the name of building a society which is based upon the golden principles of Islam, a religion of peace?.

We have fallen victims to every conceivable sin, which is being looked upon with abhorrence even in pagan societies. 

Such criminals must be punished for their heinous acts to our children. We must be able to promote the rights and wellbeing of every child in Pakistan. Criminals like John Wayne Gacy in our society must be brought to justice if we have to live with honour and dignity.

Equally shameful is the statement of Punjab law minister, Rana Sanaullah, denying the cases of abuse and trying to make justification for the appalling acts of those involved. When we send such figures like Rana Sanaullah to our assemblies then we do not have any right to stand against such sinners and offenders. Then where will our children get the courage of calling us for their protection from?. When our political rulers touch such an abysmal depth of immorality, then the oppressed has nowhere to go for their rights and when our law ministers become violators of law, morality, civility and they start to show no regard for ethical values then we deserve what we are encountering in our society today. When the custodians of law become supporters of criminals then a society ruled by offenders is obviously the result.

Dr Ali Ahmad
Email : [email protected]

12 August 2015

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