Corruption : A Deep Rooted Problem In Pakistan

Posted on July 28, 2015 Articles

Corruption is one of most serious issues in Pakistan where it has pervaded in government institutions enough that cannot be eliminated easily following the stakes of powerful corrupt politicians. Corruption has been deep routed in all levels, from top to bottom. As a result, the economy of Pakistan has collapsed completely. This is all because of our corrupt politicians like Nawaz Shareef, Asif Ali Zardari, Rana Sanaullah, Rehman Malak– to mention just a few. These politicians are concerned with their stakes only without thinking about the public and the country. They have made the Judicial system of Pakistan, an important pillar of state machinery, corrupt just for their own heinous motives.

The index of bribe paying is high in Pakistan, which is suffering from systemic judicial corruption; the Judicial branch of the state is not independent at all. It is, however, of supreme importance that the Judicial system is independent.

Judicial independence means that judges must be free to exercise their judicial powers without any interference. Judges need to make decisions free from interference from the state. If they are motivated to ingratiate themselves with an authority with influence over their or top up their earnings with money from one of the parties to case, the Judicial process is likely to get corrupted like the present judicial process of Pakistan. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has become a symbol of corruption.

It is the responsibility of our politicians to sit on the table and engineer an effective mechanism to root out corruption forever from Pakistan.

Dr Ali Ahmad
EMAIL :[email protected]