Judicial Commission’s Verdict: An Error of Law

Posted on July 25, 2015 Articles

These days corrupt groups are celebrating the verdict of the Judicial Commision, which is thought by such parties as their victory. The ephemeral nature of this false happiness is surely bound to last no longer than a few days. Imran Khan’s this attempted courageous step is just a part of a broad anti-corruption movement which is ongoing and determined to carry out this highly essential cause.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has always been fair in his endeavours to bring a corruption free system to Pakistan but the system has been corrupted to the core and thereby khan’s every attempt for cleansing it is conspired to be failed. The Judicial commision, like the Election Commission, itself proved to be victim of frailty; it clearly failed in giving a fair verdict.

We see the corrupt politicians raising fingers at Imran Khan, whose only sin is to stand against this diseased and disordered system.The obvious reason for such counter- attacks is that politicians such as Nawaz Shareef, Altaf Hussain and Zardari don’t want any change to the status quo. An Election Commission led by a highly  corrupt head like Najam Sethi is their creation and the creation always has shown loyalty at the expense of principles, moral ethos and prick of conscious.

Imran Khan should show patience to the report of the Judicial Commission. The establishment of the commision was an attempted move on the part of Imran Khan towards washing out of flaws from the inlet through which our corrupt parliamentarians get entry to the parliament.

Solutions to the problem of how to make the electoral system must be found. It is the need of the time in the history of Pakistan to sweep away corrupt practices from every department of life and this is only possible if we make the Election Commission fair and free from any influence from our political leadership. Faces like Najam Sethi can no longer be tolerated if we really want our country to make progress.

Imran Khan who is known to be agaist corruption is the only leader amongst this whole lot of corrupt group must be understood and accompanied in this war on corrupt elements in state machinery.


Dr Ali Ahmad
26 July 2015