Great Britain’s Greatness Beauty

Posted on July 24, 2015 Articles

The status of muslims in the UK is highly respectable; they are repected and treated as their other fellow human beings in the UK. They are free to enjoy their life freely  with all their religious, cultural and political affiliations. They contribute to the economy of the country positively and busy serving in various departments of life over here.

Muslims in the UK are being represented in the parliament. Lord Nazir in the House of Lords and other Members of Parliament represent Muslims in Britain.

There are no restraints on the practice or preaching of the golden principles of Islam. Mosques, madrasa ( Islamic education institutions ) and Tableegh ( preaching services) are free from any influence of the state.

Prime Minister, David Cameron,  in a speech a couple of days ago in Birmingham vividly made expression to the fact that Islamic State (IS) is not an Islamic organisation at all. The two stand poles opposite to each other in their ideology and practice. Islam, a religion of peace, categorically opposes and negates the bloodshed cruelties IS is perpetuating on humanity across the globe.

United Kingdom’s  muslims of Pakistan’s origin consider  the land as no less than their own—Pakistan. They can perceive that British government stands with them and it, in turn , needs their support in rising voice against IS. Neither muslims in the UK nor UK government is exhibiting permissive behaviour towards the tempo of IS on its heinous track. Both have got a very clear vision of the motives of the terror organisation.

We muslims in the United Kingdom and  the British government stand together and fall together against our war against the so-called IS.

Dr Ali Ahmad
23 July, 2015
United Kingdom.