Spirit Of Collectivism

Posted on July 20, 2015 Articles

Unfortunately, our political setup happened to stem out from the extremely corrupt segment of our society. This has given rise to a diseased society ruled by the ruthless. Starting from the topmost position down below to a level of class four servant, the whole system presents a highly gloomy picture in terms of matters to be settled. This misfortune of the nation, deemed to be highly deplorable, should be accepted as a challenge with a fresh determination to move forward in a right direction for the sake of our coming generations and our own selves.

Showing utter disregard for political ethos, moral code and principled manners, our ruling, leading command (democratic or dictatorial, whatsoever) has not so far seemed to be sincere to the nation at all. Their greedy wishes never learned to get quenched. Their common motto of rubbing the nation for their personal gains . They have refused steadfastly to save the nation from the disgusting monster of their own greed.

The history of democracy in Pakistan is marked with frequents cuts and loopholes, being filled with military interventions, which in turn became sad prologue to the crippled journey of the system on the track.

By bringing a thinking of collectivism in the nation’s psyche, negation of self-centred avarice, the nation will get out of the status quo of being in a state of deep stupor. A disciplined approach to the issues we are being encircled with is the necessity of our nation’s life today. The very spirit of collectivism —to stand together and fall together– in the nation’s mindset up is bound to be the savour and promoter.
Dr Ali Ahmad
Email : [email protected]