Modi- Nawaz SCO meeting and Next Steps…

Posted on July 13, 2015

10th July 2015 Prime Minister Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Prime Minister Nawaz sharif have met on the sidelines of UFA SCO summit.
Is it going to be a new start between India – Pakistan relationship or it is just a photo op meeting like previous 150 meeting between both the countries?
For me, it is a good start, Prime Minister Sharif is in the purple patch of his political career, he is got over from the Dharna nightmare. Lots of feather in his cap now, like
1. Afghan – Taliban peace talks process begins in Mari
2. 46 billion dollar trade and economic corridor deal sealed between China & Pakistan
3. Positive results of Zarb-e-azb
4. Managing the military establishment and taking them on the same page
5. Metro Bus services so on so forth….

One may disagree with me that many of above mentioned initiative has already been initiated by previous government or the military establishment. But the achievement is not who thinks or plans first, it’s about delivering the end result, you can say that his stars are favouring him
In-spite of all this, Pakistan people, media, institutions and opposition parties has the peculiar habit of bashing their own democratically elected Prime Minister, perhaps this happens in Pakistan only.
For the rest of the world Prime Minister Sharif is a very matured and seasoned politician, this shows in his relationship with Afghanistan, Iran China and even America.
His amazing denial on sending troops to Yemen was a masterstroke, still he manages a good relationship with Saudi Arabia.
People should understand Pakistan has lots of Internal and external threats and problems and only GOD can resolve it in a day, and Nawaz is not GOD. Give him a chance to complete his 5 year term and then decide his fate in next election.
One should understand if you support him and make him strong he will be in better position to negotiate all the outstanding issues with India and rest of the world.
Not to forget, during the time of container politics, nobody was keen to talk to Pakistan, Xi Zingping and Obama refused to visit Pakistan.
Is this a best time to resolve India – Pakistan issues?
Yes, Mr. Modi has become Prime Minister with overwhelming majority and he is the most powerful person in BJP and Indian politics today. He is everything, the gatekeeper, Influencer and decision maker and has complete command over government, defence forces and party. I understand Prime Minister Modi is very aggressive in his posturing, but he is the only one who can deliver.
The one and only Problem – Kashmir:
Both the countries has their stated position on Jammu & Kashmir, and the conflict cannot be resolved if they take their stated position, both India and Pakistan need to soften their stance to resolve the Kashmir issue.
Personally I feel, Kashmir will not become a tumbling block for India and Pakistan relationship.