Evil side of Banigala

Posted on July 11, 2015 Articles

Evil side of BaniGala

We all know that Banigala is famous because of the residency of well renowned personalities Including Chairmen Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf Mr Imran Khan, Atomic Bomb Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer and many other famous Pakistan personalities. Just like Jatti Umrah/ Raiwind , Bilawal House Karachi ,Banigala also remain in the focus by Media because of the residency and political gathering of Chairmen PTI Imran Khan .In Islamabad People consisder Banigala as most peaceful and naturally enriched location for residency because it surrounded by Margalla hills and Rawal dam and also if we see the historical background of Islamabad the main purpose of Islamabad establishment to be less populated and environmental Friendly but unfortunately as reported the population of Islamabad increased 230 % .
Rawal dam which is constructed on Korang River consider to be main source of water for Rawalpindi and cantonment area. Catchment area near Korang River is of 275 sq. KM which can store up to 84000 acre feet waters. Banigala cover large area to catchment near Rawaldam and contributing lot in exploiting the environment which can be foresighted as ultimate disaster in future. In 2004 Chairmen CDA reported that localities are using private land for residency in Banigala without the permission of CDA where the struggle by CDA turned into huge clash among local people of Banigala and CDA not only illegality by the local people but also by the illegal construction of Dr Abdul Qadeer khan residency against whom CDA couldn’t not dare to take any action and the case transferred to cabinet division. In 2004 on other hand it was also reported that exploitation of natural resources like, Fresh water, Fishing and greenery continuously practiced by local community and committee was formulated to report back in 90 days but till 2010 no such legal action taken. In Aug 2010 suo motu take by Chief Justice of That time honorable Iftkhar Ahmed Chaudary against the violators of environment polluters because it was continuously reported to PAK-EPA and CDA 43 small stream pass through Banigala, Barakahu , QuaideAzam university and Chattar Park which further connect to Rawal dam via korang rivers which doesn’t have proper sewerage system and the local people of these location are known for farming as well which is why all the sewerage is disposed of into korang rivers and secondly the water sanitation and tube well facilities like other sector of Islamabad comes under CDA for example I , F , E , G etc sector most of the local people from these encroachment area specially Banigala residential exploit ground water .In 2014 it was reported that the dissolved oxygen after mixing of waste was found as low as 0.9 mg/l and biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) were found as high as 63.5 mg/l and 162.5 mg/l respectively. It was also identify that catchment area near korang river includes Banigala contribute 70% in polluting the water Main sources of pollution in Islamabad include Steel furnaces (9), re-rolling mills (16), Cement Plant (1), Stone Crushers (16), Fugitive Smoke like burning of waste, wild grasses, forest fires, animal sheds, vehicles etc.

In 2015 Supreme court case of 2003 has been passed by PAK_EPA in which action have been taken and submitted to Planning commission for development of state of art technology / treat the sewage .Secondly 134 Million rupees last year have been throw forward in this 2015-16 budget .

1. It should be formally announced that whether Banigala Comes under CDA or not because the local communities are victim are confused about development authority of Banigala and the future of it.
2. As we know that case has already been forwarded to the planning commission for the development of state of art sewerage system to which mean that toxic and bacterial element in the water can be reduced but for that assurance should be given that whether the function should be long lasting for that they will need to stop the Polluter of locality.
3. As in Budget 2015-16 31 million rupees allocated for Korang bridge which located on Imran khan road Banigala on which more than 6 incident take place mostly in moon soon rain .The present picture of that Bridge seem to be under constructed because ICT authority protected the bridge with side poled but that not a long term solution proper over bridge will be necessary
4. PAK-EPA also have to assure the exploitation of Ground water and the dump hole by every residential .It is necessary that If the exploitation of Ground water was not stop it will be create empty surface in ground which can ground all the residencies near korang river .Secondly the dump hole near residential are another reason of pollution while we do not know but the sewerage stored in dump hole below house mixed with the soil.
5. Encroachments within Banigala just because of no proper mapping and plan construction of houses in illegal land had trouble the local people congested roads while to enter Banigala there are two entrance one is from Barakhu Korang road and and other is near rawal dam dairy farm .Wide road is constructed on Korang road but other the road from rawaldam is totally in worst condition.