Pakistan’s Corrupt System Being Given Catharsis

Posted on July 8, 2015 Articles

Pakistan political scenario gives a picture of a mixture of corruption, money laundering, land mafia, and so on. The political side is in favour of status quo, whilst the military wing seems militarily determined in giving a complete wash out to the bad elements.

The two heroes, Asif Ali Zardari and Altaf Hussain,  from the political camp have so far expressed anger against the ongoing cleaning operation in grunting voice. One of these heroes ,Asif Ali Zardari, fled away from the country and the other one roared from a distance of about 6,000 kilometers——-London.

Nawaz Shareef side has already showed obedience and bowed to the knees. This type of obedience for the sake of getting immunity to the punishment for what they have done to the nation seems unlikely to work.

Due to the heinous nature of this political leadership, Pakistan has made a history of dictators, traitors, economic terrorist, political murders, and a lot of other things of similar nature.

We Pakistani people should thank to Pakistan Army under the command of General Raheel Shareef for coming forward for the nation’s rescue. These politicians, otherwise, would have dragged us to a point of no turn.

Dr Ali Ahmad
Email: [email protected]
9 July, 2015