Reasons For Zaid Hamid Arrest

Posted on July 4, 2015 Articles

Pakistani high profile scholar and defense Analyst, Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid was arrested while he was in Makka for Umrah.
He was taken into custody for making speeches against the Saudi government.Zaid Hamid criticised Saudi Arabia over conflict with Yemen Saudi financial backing of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the region.

It is said that he is likely to face 8 years of prison and sentence of lashes according to the Saudi law over blasphemy charges.

Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh made no sincere efforts to get Zaid Hamid released from Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef seems to be behind the arrest of Zaid Hamid; otherwise Nawaz Shareef would have get him released from Saudi government.

Nawaz Shareef should know that the silence from the Establishment over the arrest is meaningful. He should not live in fools’ paradise. Zaid Hamid would get released very soon. Nawaz Shareef and blunders always go together. He is simple enough to realize the consequences of his mistakes and that is a great flaw in his character. It is wise for Nawaz Shareef to get Zaid Hamid released as soon as possible.

Saudi Arabia should realise that we Pakistani people are neither their slaves nor its laws apply on us. Saudi Arabia should also learn to tolerate criticism for their wrong policies. Saudi Arabia has no sound reasons to present for the detention of Zaid except dictatorship in its behaviour towards Pakistan.

Dr Ali Ahmad