Letter to Nation of Pakistan

Posted on July 1, 2015 Articles


We Pakistanis are going to celebrating our 68th year of Independence this year and i have been asking myself many questions over the past few years, that do we really care about being independent? I am sure a lot of Pakistanis think along the same lines. Our nation, Alhamdulillah is very skilled. We have very few training facilities in our country, and yet we have Alhamdulillah produced many heroes in all fields of life. Heroes like Quaid-e-Azam, Liaqat Ali khan, Dr A.Q. Khan, Imran Khan and so many others. If we look back at the 62 years of Pakistani history, we can see some hidden force, trying to unstable our beautiful country through proper planning. It makes me wonder why some of our own people, in the shape of political parties or army are playing these awful situations/events. We never get to know the truth about these unfortunate situations that arise, or see the true picture of what has actually happened in such heart rendering events.

I have also been thinking and questioning about, what has happened to the killer of Liaqat Ali Khan? And who was behind this entire scenario. Did the General Zia ul Haq’s plane crash accidentally? Or was someone behind it. A lot of strange incidents have happened since the partition of Pakistan on 14th August1947. We are never able to know the true picture or maybe we just don’t care about it. I wonder who killed Benazir Bhutto. And if the Chief Justice stood against the Army chief to stop the unfair steel mill deals or other unlawful matters which took place. Why are we unfair to him again? The question I ask is ‘who is that hidden power,’ who is stopping the Pakistani judiciary not to be fair and free?

So the question is? What we have gained in the previous 62 years of Pakistan’s independence. The picture of today’s Pakistan is not very bright. Our economy, Sports and many other departments are going downhill. In my opinion, our country has been run by ‘unprofessional politicians’, to say the least on this matter. I wonder why our politicians are so afraid to say ‘No’ to unfair western interests or policies. The media is doing a wonderful job, but having said that, most of the programmes are still working on hidden agenda’s of various political parties. Those who have played an important role in the unstableness of the economy from last 10 years, have now washed clean their hands, and are putting blame on the new government.
They should bring in to court for justice.
When our ex or recent Present, Prime Minister, Ministers or others delegates go abroad on meeting with others countries. They just fulfil western interest and never bother to know what they can ask for millions of Pakistani who are settling abroad, working and studying. May be our president, Prime Minister, ministers have no clue. Pakistani been given a hard time to all most every country especially in USA and UK. When they arrive on airports or even when they applying for visas for these countries.

We as a nation became a joke to all countries especially to western countries. I am asking a question to our president, Prime Minister or Ministers what we getting from western countries apart from Aid on the name on War on Terrier.

Dear Present/Prime Minister, don’t you think we have to stop saying YES SIR, YES SIR policy. Why we can’t ask them, not use us on the name of War on Terrior.If they our friend and well wishers. They have to help us in all departments so we can progress well and make a great contribution towards world economy and make this world peaceful and save for everyone. Otherwise we have to change our policies which effecting our country. We simply have to start saying No. Its better we start this changing our policies sooner rather then later.

All forces officer are hero’s to the nations, But why our army need to involved in politics This is a time now for such hero’s need to play an important role in the progress of the country. Why don’t they start saying enough is enough no more involvements’ in politics?

It’s not only the duty of the politics or establishment to look after the country. So, this is the time for our nation needs to show unity at all levers. All forces officers, President, Politics parties, Other Islamic groups, Parents, teachers and youth need to stand shoulder to shoulder to each others.

Faisal Younas