The Ruling Elites’ Saga Of Mechanism

Posted on June 30, 2015 Articles

29 June, 2015: Our politicians lie, cheat, and exploit us for their personal gains. The more influential in our society move more smoothly within the system, exploiting everyone else in their pursuit of power. Honesty and integrity are extinct. Consequently, we are represented by corrupt leaders, stealing everything good from us and gifting everything bad to us. Poverty, ignorance, bad governance and energy crisis—to mention a few— are their services to us. We are being lied to, cheated and given false hopes. The three constituents of authority include government, establishment and bureaucracy. We are told that we are operating this three component system, an illusion that keeps us voting for a positive change that never comes. Voting simply placates, pacifies and preserves the illusion of choice, whilst shifting the guilt and responsibility onto the people. Until reality hits us to a degree of extreme torture, we defend our false fantasy of a  government, run by altruistic public servants.
Pakistan has always been the case of elite adjustment and plutocracy. One administration got replaced by the other, while plunderers came out with clean chits every time. Politicians and dictators have always been each other’s creation. Ayub Khan created Bhutto who then created Zia-ul-Haq. Zia created Sharif brothers who in turn created Pervez Musharraf, who then created Chaudhry’s of Gujrat. Creations had their differences with creators, but things remained strictly within the closed circuit. They all have one thing in common: they are plunderers. The ruling class has no religion, morals and principles; instead they have vested Interests that promote the plundering of national exchequer.
This process of theft has resulted into severely limited qualitative development in exploited masses. But the sad reality is that we are in a comfortable complacency; we have succumbed to this unscrupulous paradigm, instead of deterrring it. As a result, Pakistan has been ranked among the top most countries where corruption has gone rampant.

Dr Ali Ahmad
Email: [email protected]