PAKISTAN FUTURE:Brighter Or Darker?

Posted on June 26, 2015 Articles

26 June, 2015:How does Pakistan find itself in the 21st century? Pakistan is currently being confronted with serious problems like terrorism, poverty, energy crisis, corruption, and so on. But Pakistan’s bright prospects towards success cannot be ignored. Sensing Pakistan’s emerging status in the region, its rivals–India and Israel– look restless and anxious.
We can argue that Pakistan is more than the conglomeration of its problems. Several bright rays of hope are beginning to appear in the country. We must highlight a confluence of positive economic, geo-political, security and political factors that are setting up Pakistan for success by firmly nudging us in the direction of prosperity.
China’s investment of $46 billion in China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) is considered as an indicator to the bright future of Pakistan. On security frontline, the army, civilian leadership and civil society are playing their due roles in fighting and curbing anti-state elements. On politics, advocates of rigging and transparency of polls are in steady confrontation. Operation against economic terrorists like Asif Ali Zardari and traitors like Altaf Hussain is a huge step toward bringing the evil of the devil to an end.

The people of Pakistan are frontline combatants in the greatest ideological battles of the 21st century, including the battle against religious extremism. Compared to Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen which have fallen badly to extremism and infighting, Pakistan has claimed great success in this respect.

We should therefore be positive about Pakistan future because we cannot solve Pakistan’s real problems without genuinely being optimistic about the rising positive aspects of the country’s future.

Dr Ali Ahmad
Email: [email protected]