RAMADHAN: A Month Of Great Opportunities

Posted on June 18, 2015 Articles

RAMADHAN is the month of opportunity as it is the month favoured by Allah. A month in which if we fast sincerely with complete abstinence from sins, we will be forgiven by Allah. That’s why the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to yearn for RAMADHAN to come and lament its departure. Indeed the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that if we know of its myriads of blessings we would wish that whole year was RAMADHAN. It contains one night (lala tul Qadr) that is better than 1000 months.

In this month Allah began the revelation of the miraculous Quran to the Holy Prophet. Therein Allah has mentioned that fasting has been prescribed upon us the way that it was prescribed upon previous nations so that we may gain piety.

RAMADHAN is the time for Muslims to get disciplined training of keeping themselves away from sins.Ramadhan is an incredible opportunity provided to us to claim back our own free will from the shackles of adoring our desires to worshipping Allah and to turn our back on all our bad habits and immerse ourselves in the worship of our Lord.

Our abstinence from food, drink and Hara’m for the sake of Allah in this month gives us a training for adopting our lives according to the teachings and instructions given to us by our Lord through the Holy Quran.

So let this RAMADHAN be a time when we seek the favours of Allah and His guidance and also a time when we begin to prioritise our concerns and maximise the reward in this life and also in the Hereafter.

Dr Ali Ahmad

United Kingdom

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