Modi: A Great Threat To South Asia

Posted on June 17, 2015 Articles

The dividend at last was drawn in 1947 on the basis of Two Nation Theory after withdrawal of the English from the Sub Continent. The Hindus got India and Muslims Pakistan.India has never accepted the existence of Pakistan–a harsh reality for India. A race of build up of lethal weapons of higher quality and quantity in both countries has been continuous for a long time. The relationship of the two countries has always been hostile to each other.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, recent threat to Pakistan seems to be highly rediculous and above all stupidly foolish. The two countries are no longer those of 1971; both are now atomic powers. Narendra Modi does realize it but he still carries on giving threats to Pakistan. Modi is a great threat to the peace of South Asia.

Pakistan is not afraid of such threats but Pakistan tries to prevent any situation from happening, when the populations of the two countries will disappear from the surface of the earth. Modi should understand that fears must not be created in the populations of both countries across the border. Any armed conflict will mean an atomic war– a big atomic war in which every city of both the countries will be targeted by atom bomb.

Dr Ali Ahmad
United Kingdom

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