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Posted on June 16, 2015 Articles

Pakistani dramas are most popular entertainment south Asia. Pakistani and Indian people are love these dramas in the Pakistan Indian movies are very famous while Pakistani dramas are also very popular in India. Pakistani and Indian Box offices are growing gradually. The people of these countries spend lot of their times to see dramas and movies because it is very cheap source of entertainment.Bouth Countries are enemy of each other three battle are fought so far this both countries are atomic Power due to this lot of tension are remain between these countries .Kashmir is very hard issue of both Countries three battles are fought due to this Even as ninety percent of Indians applauded then-Prime Minister Vajpayee’s decision to go nuclear, then-U.S. President Clinton immediately reacted to the explosions with shock and criticized India’s nuclear testing. The American President argued that India’s actions violated the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty endorsed by 149 nations and the 1970 non-proliferation treaty signed by 185 nations. Despite the fact that neither India nor Pakistan has signed the treaties, the President, citing the 1994 Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Act, immediately called for economic sanctions against India including cutting off $40 million in economic and military aid, and all American bank loans. The President also asked the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to cancel all new loans which could cost India around $14.5 billion worth of public projects, including a major modernization of India’s often failing electrical system. Moreover, Japan and other industrial nations soon followed the U.S. example and froze on-going projects in India worth over a billion dollars in aid.
As the five nuclear powers, all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, discussed ways to punish India as well as ways to prevent Pakistan from testing its own nuclear devices, the leaders of Pakistan were busily moving forward with their own nuclear plans.
On May 28th, Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s prime minister at that time, announced that following India’s lead, Pakistan had successfully exploded five “nuclear devices.” Not content to equal India’s five tests, Pakistan proceeded on May 30th to explode yet a sixth device and at the same time the Prime Minister announced that his government would soon be able to launch nuclear war heads on missiles so the Countries of the World Should take the action and should try to solves problems of both countries otherwise first atomic war can be bought by these Countries but its put not affect their people’s they are still watching dramas and movies of each 0ther.Cricket is very popular sport of both contries.Pakistan Vs. India Matches’ are very Popular in the world