Top Summer Destinations of World

Posted on May 28, 2015 Articles

Summers are here and with everyone searching for some best place, I decided to do a little research on best holiday destinations. It’s high time to relax on the beautiful beaches, travel through lush green fields and spend good time with family at the most enchanting destinations. Below are some most visited destinations:

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has an overwhelming environment that is populated with the most polite and charming people. Due to its high population stats, you will often find people traveling in clusters. There is so much to enjoy in Tokyo; such as the very famous Roppongi Hills, Tuna Sushi, the lights and metro. One of the most expensive cities in world, Tokyo, offers a perfect holiday spot for you, if you can have a lose hand on budget.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you want to explore the beauty of Africa, then Cape Town is the right place. The city has a rich wildlife. You can taste some of the world’s best whines while beaching and enjoying the natural beauty. If you are interested in History then this city has some really great sites such as Table Mountains and Robben Islan, where Nelson Mandela was imprisioned.

Paris, France

Paris: A city of romance, well groomed men and Vogue models, is one of the best holiday destinations. The city has become cultural shorthand for style and fashion. It is said that even average Parisian looks like they belong to Vogue. With the charismatic views of Effile Tower and Louvre, Paris continues to mesmerize its tourists with its unmatchable architecture and historical buildings.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rich in natural beauty and hosting the world’s largest bird’s park, this is the city of Kuala Lumpur. A perfect holiday destination, Kuala Lumpur, has every element to make your vacations worth every penny. Form the view of Twin Towers to the shopping alleys of the city; everything will make your trip more pleasurable!

Naran, Pakistan

In case you plan a trip to northern areas of Pakistan and want to have a budget trip with family, then Naran is your destination! Hub of tourists, Naran is a piece of heaven on Earth. The city offers street shopping, scrumptious food, amazing sceneries and a lot more. You can book hotels online in Naran at very cheap rates.